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Sep 29, 2006 06:51 PM

Delfina/Sophia's Grotto

Thinking of trying one of these. comments please? good or bad, best things, location, parking, price, reservations etc.

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  1. I have only eaten at Sophia's Grotto once but enjoyed my meal. We sat outside which was a nice treat as well. I got a specialty pizza and my hubby got the paella. We had the bruscetta for an app. I have heard Delfino's is amazing but I haven't eaten there yet.

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      I had a great meal at Delfino's but the place isn't particularly "happening". It's a little more fun at Sophia's but my one meal wasn't that great, tho many others have had a good experience and it's very reasonably priced. As is Delfino's.

    2. parking won't be a problem at either location (they're just steps from one another, and there's always plenty of parking in roslindale square). both restaurants are great. i'd recommend sophia's if you're looking for a more casual evening. delfino has a more formal feel to it...maybe more of an 'occasion' restaurant? you'll also have more price options if you go to sophia's--you can get a sandwich or pizza for under $10, or an entree that costs a bit more. most of the entrees at delfino are between $14 and $20.

      i'd expect a short wait at both places, though i'm fairly sure that delfinos doesn't take reservations. not sure about sophia's. you'll have a great night no matter where you end up!

      1. Just a heads up this weekend is Roslindale Day weekend. There's a Harvest Fest tomorrow and parade on Sunday. Also this weekend is the BikeFest and they are going through Roslindale. So this weekend *might* be a little tight as far as parking goes. Nothing major but a possible road closed so you might need to circle the square an extra time.

        But I agree with everyone else, Delfino's for food, Sophias for atmosphere. We usually put our name in for a table and then walk over to the wine shop for a free wine tasting. By the time we walk back our table is ready.
        Roslindale Day:
        BikeFest Route Map:

        1. We ended up at Delfino's. The food was excellent but the wait was excruciating (1 1/2) hours, made more excruciating by the fact that after an hour, two parties came in who the manager welcomed with kisses and hugs and high fives and after he whipsered to them I went up and asked "we are next right??"He said no. I asked him if he was seating the two parties that just came in first he said "they called much earlier" When I told him that we had tried to put our name on a list by phone and were told we couldn't do that, he just shrugged his shoulders. We were seated 1/2 hour later after the two favorite parties. The food was really good and the waitres efficient but I am not happy with the experience. Yes- go ahead and say we should have walked out but at that point we had waited so long we figured it would take us longer to find another place.