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Sep 29, 2006 06:51 PM

Pizzeria Paradiso

I've been avoiding PP for a few years now after a couple of weak experiences, but all was well the other day at the Georgetown location where I ordered an Atomica (thanks Marty L.). Wow, it was the single best crust I've ever had. In fact, it was better than I could imagine a pizza crust to be. So light, complete structural integrity, and even a nice gooey part where the crust was folded over near the edge. The salami on top really put standard pepperoni to shame. Complete bliss.

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  1. I stopped by for lunch a couple weeks ago. I swear I recognize the brunette waitress from HS. Anyways, good ingredients. I only added some sausage to my order, too bad it wasn't a spicy italian sausage. All in all, great pizza.

    1. When you're in there, don't neglect to check out the extensive beer list. They have some truly excellent choices, ranging from Belgian and German choices to American craft beers. The downstairs has been refubished as "Birreria Paradiso", and is absolutely worth the trip even if you don't have one of their excellent pizzas.

      1. Glad that you enjoyed Pizzeria Paradiso....

        As a confirmed New York and New Haven pizza addict, Paradiso remains my favorite DC source. Although the vongole pizza at 2 Amys that I had last week was pretty terrific also........

        1. lol! I wished I could have a beer during work. Even if I do have a *much* longer lunch than most.