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Best chicken livers in Boston.

I'm a fiend for chicken livers. My current favs are from Sol Azteca. Any other recs?

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  1. C.F. Donovans on Savin Hill (directly across from the Savin Hill station) puts crispy fried chicken livers on their specials every one in awhile. Not my favorite, but they seem to sell out every time and there are customers who ask the owner to call them when Richie lists them as a special.

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      Mmmm, those sound good. Kind of like the version Reed makes. Sol Azteca's are in a hearty sauce, but I also really like the fried livers.

    2. Trattoria Toscana has a lovely chicken liver on grilled bread appetizer that I was happy to scarf up not long ago. Looks like catfood, tastes like Tuscany.

      1. Davio's and Via Matta have good chicken livers.

        1. Here's a description from the menu at Centre Street Cafe in Jamaica Plain. They're telling the truth. And a bargain at $7:

          Maple Chipotle Chicken Livers all natural chicken livers sauteed with onions in a maple chipotle reduction sauce. Served with an Iggy's roll for sopping up


          1. Anyone had the chicken liver app at ECG? I've heard tell it's pretty good.

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              Yes. They are excellent. I usually make a meal of the chicken livers and fried oyster apps.
              Many years ago I would go for lunch at Durgin Park and have their chicken liver meal. Enough to take some home and chop for future use.

            2. it's not boston, but i was just at la laiterie in providence, and they had fabulous chicken livers on the menu!


              1. The Franklin has a terrific sauteed chicken liver app; should be on the new cool-weather menu.

                1. I haven't had them in a while but I remember the livers at the Franklin Cafe as being excellent.

                  1. The chicken livers at ECG are great, but the ones at Green Street Grille rock my world!

                    I might need some today....

                    1. Davio's Crispy Fried Chicken Livers in vinegar glaze are great

                      1. Sorry to report that as of this evening, those chicken livers are not on the current Franklin menu.

                        However, that menu does feature one of the better stuffies I've had in recent years, one done not with the Rhode Island-traditional quahog (a large, chewy hard clam), but a combination of oysters, mussels, and smaller clams (mixed with breadcrumbs), with a side of very chili-hot chourico. Very special.