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Sep 29, 2006 06:08 PM

chow ivo Amsterdam and W. 79th?

I'm heading into Manhattan for an appointment tomorrow near Amsterdam and W. 79th.

Is there any chow that I shouldn't miss while I'm there? Anything else worth exploring in that neighborhood?


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  1. Nice Matin is right there. good burger; nice wines by the glass. I alos like that hole in the wall Mexican Place - The Great Burrito Amsterdam between 79th and 80th.

    1. Zabar's and H&H are right across the street from each other at 80th and Broadway. Columbus Bakery on 83rd and Columbus has good cookies, pastries, etc. Or you could pick up some smoked salmon from Barney Greengrass.

      1. For amazing cream of tomato soup, drop by Sarabeth's on 80th and Amsterdam and get it to go - they're pretty famous for it. Be sure that you get the seven-grain bread (freshly baked, also signature) that should come with it.

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          Also, forgot to add - they have different soups that change daily, which are usually pretty good as well. If they have the butternut squash, I'd definitely recommend it.

        2. GRAY'S PAPAYA. 2090 Broadway 71st..

          You also have butter cup bakery

          141 West 72nd Street (btw Broadway and Columbus)

          You have the choux place that people like, Papa Beard.. Havent been

          2167 Broadway (at 76th Street)

          I think the Jacques Imos is worth going to.. I like the bloody mary's, i like the bar, i like most of the food..

          Jacques-Imo's NYC
          366 Columbus Ave., New York, NY 10024
          at 77th St.

          Good italian:
          502 Amsterdam Ave (Cross Street: Between 84th Street and 85th Street)

          Good falafel and shwarma:

          Ali Babba - Amsterdam Ave. south of 85th St.

          1. Lots of good suggestions, some details of those and a couple more:
            Nice Matin.....I think it's overpriced for dinner, but good for lunch or brunch. Nice pan bagnat, if you like that.
            Jacques-Imos.....The best dish, I think is the fried chicken. The alligator sausage cheesecake is good. Jazz on Sunday afternoons. They have good Bloody Marys, or, if you prefer caffeine and sugar to alcohol and spice, they have a special iced coffee that's amazing (not on the menu, but they have it. Iced coffee, condensed milk, crushed cookies....)
            Bistro Citron (Columbus btwn 82 and 83) has good mussels and fries and other bistro fare.