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Sep 29, 2006 05:59 PM

Local Las Vegas Places, not in the Casinos?

I'll be back to Vegas for the fourth time next month and I've been to most of the Casino resataurants that I've wanted to try: Delmonico, Mesa Grill, Nob Hill, Joel Rubochon, Emeri's Fish House, Commander's Palace, etc. We've also been to Rosemary's, In -n- Out, and Lotus of Siam. I've had my fill of the tourist places so what do you recommend off strip? I'd like to keep all meals under $100 max for two (not including alcohol) and are open to all types of food. We need lunch and dinner spots. Thanks in advance.

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  1. For breakfast and/or lunch, I tried the Egg and I for the first time on my last trip. Wonderful crepes, and the banana nut muffin was fantastic. I plan to drop by at least once on every future Vegas trip.

    Egg and I
    4533 W Sahara Ave #5
    (between Decatur & Arville)
    Las Vegas
    daily 6AM-3PM

    They now have a sister restaurant opened called Egg Works.

    Egg Works
    9355 W Flamingo Rd
    (between Durango & Ft Apache Rd
    )Las Vegas
    daily 6AM-3PM

    1. Two locally-popular joints I always recommend to friends who want to try off-Strip places: Table 34, in a small plaza on Warm Springs Road just south of the airport; and Todd's Unique Dining, on east Sunset Rd., about a l5-minute drive from the Strip. Both are reasonably priced and innovative in their cooking. Todd's has a particularly deft hand with fish, though it seems to execute everything well. As does Table 34, though I'm partial to its meatloaf. Wine prices at both are reasonable - and Todd's offers no-corkage bring your own wine on Wednesdays.

      1. I too have been looking for local spots for an upcoming trip. Table 34 and Todds mentioned above are on my list. Two others I'm thinking about are Hash House a go go (a kind of mini chain out of SanDiego I think) and Pin-Kaow, a Thai place (tho it will be difficult not to go to LOS). Should you try either please post.

        You can get some local ideas by researching the Review Journal Best of Las Vegas page--link is below but may require you to register.

        1. Settebello Pizzeria gets very high marks and it is in Henderson, (1776 Horizon Ridge Parkway just off of Valle Verde Drive/ Henderson borders LV). I have not eaten there, but this pizza forum listed it as one of the best places in the country.

          1. I know it has been recommended many times but LOS get's my money. Ate there last Tuesday evening.

            Also tried K's Barbeque for the first time....the smokiness of the meat and the quality was outstanding. Would highly reccomend it for a great casual lunch spot. It is a little of the beaten path...but woth the drive....3 miles south on Las Vegas Blvd. past Mandalay Bay.

            Another rec. is Pane Vino. on sunset just east of Las Vegas Blvd. it iis classic Italian in a beautiful setting. has a dining certificate available as well. ENJOY!