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Sep 29, 2006 05:18 PM

indonesian restaurants in baltimore/d.c.

I was looking for indonesian restaurants in the baltimore and d.c. areas, particularly those that have a rijstaffel.

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  1. Satay Sarinah in the Van Dorn section of Alexandria has it. This is a really good place to know about.

    1. Sabang in Wheaton has several rijsttafels to choose from. I haven't been in years, but they've been there a long time.

      $21/person for the basic or vegetarian rijsttafel, or $29 for the "super". They all include everything from appetizers to dessert and coffee, so it's really a pretty good price.

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        In my opinion Sabang has gone way downhill, and I stopped going a while ago. I would be pleased to hear if anyone's recent experience is different.

        I know it's not exactly the same but when I am in the mood for something along those lines now, I go to Panang, a Malaysian place in Bethesda.