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Sep 29, 2006 05:09 PM

Sides for steamed lobster?

I've never cooked lobster before but I'm planning on serving it tonight, basic-style (boiled in salted water with clarified butter). I'd love some ideas on what to serve alongside it.

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  1. I steam my lobster in 1/2" of water, and put in two cans of beer. I bring to a boil, put in the lobster, cover for 12-15 min. (I know you didn't ask ;) ).

    I usually serve fresh corn on the cob and baked potato.
    And always a nice salad. Simple and fresh.

    Someone once told me, that if you dip the lobster it tastes like butter, but if you eat it without, you taste the lobster.

    Have fun.

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    1. re: mcel215

      Thanks for suggestions. Have not heard of beer method - what does this do? I should have been more specific, though - it's supposed to be a romantic dinner to soothe a freaked out boyfriend who just started grad school. Is there something "fancier" than corn & potato?

      1. re: frenetica

        Remember the scene in Tom Jones? I think the lobster itself is both sufficiently fancy and romantic. I wouldn't do anything that would detract from it. IMHO, corn and baked potato is right on!

        What I *don't* think is right on is cooking it for 15 minutes. Of course, it depends on the size of your lobsters. I'm a firm believer that 8 minutes for the first pound and 2 minutes for each pound thereafter (total cooking time; not that amount of time for each lobster) is just about right. But then, I think most people overcook lobster.

        Another thought: the lobsters really shouldn't be "boiled." Once the lobsters have been put in the pot, let the water return to a boil and then turn down the heat so the lobsters poach. Again, IMHO, boiling lobsters can toughen the meat; poaching gives the texture one is looking for.

        1. re: JoanN

          mcel215 gave cooking times for STEAMED lobster. I would agree with about 12 minutes for a 1.25 lb lobster. If you're BOILING the lobster, 9-10 minutes for the same weight sounds right.

          Personally I much prefer to steam lobsters, they come out tender and flavorful.

          1. re: cheryl_h

            "Personally I much prefer to steam lobsters"

            I completely agree with you on that. Why let all those juices escape into water that's going to be thrown out? But my timing is the same. Steamed or boiled, I still cook for 8 minutes for the first pound, 2 minutes each additional pound.

    2. A nice potato salad would be lovely. That's what we have.

      Or go crazy and extravagant and serve it with a risotto milanese!


      1. Simpler the sides the better. I think some really good potato chips like Kettle and a slice of blueberry pie is perfect. Okay some sliced tomato if you must.

        1. A California Chardonnay.

          1. Asparagus -- also to be eaten with fingers and dipped in butter (I like it grilled or roasted).

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