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Sep 29, 2006 04:59 PM

Upstairs 2 - Another Rave

Went to Upstairs 2 last night, and the short version is that it's very similar to AOC as far as quality, but 30%+ cheaper. Particularly a fan of the duck prosciutto, toffee pudding, boquerones, and flatbread. The wine list is lengthy.

My only big gripe is the inability to buy bottles (to take home) of the wines you drink, like at the Bounty Hunter in Napa.

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  1. I wanted to love it. The menu's really smart. However...

    Almonds and Olives: Marcona almonds were rancid.

    Boquerones: Tomato was unripe.

    Cucumber Boat: Served chilled. So chilled, in fact, that you couldn't taste anything.

    Flatbread with Sausage, Tomato and Cheese: Tomato sauce was uninspired, too tomato-pasty. Felt overly reduced.

    The pieces are all in place! They just need a little love, that's all.

    I'm going to assume it was an off night and give them another try soon.

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    1. re: tritip

      Your comment pretty much reflects the evolution of the Wine House's main business downstairs. It went from being a place with lots of enthusiastic wine aficionados in residence, to a large impersonal wine retailer, nobody gives a damn, "we-are-fine-we-don't-need-your-f.....g-business" attitude.

      1. re: RicRios

        Ric - you are right.
        The wine house has become a non-entity to sooooooo many these days. Too bad, because at one time they had a good thing going, but it is amazing what competition will do - prove you are nothing special when the they do a better job of what you thought you were doing all right.

      2. re: tritip

        I had a similar experience - very inconsistient food and not that interesting. However, the staff was terrific and the wine choices were interesting and affordable. So, I will definatly give it another try.

      3. I definitely agree on how good the sticky toffe pudding is! I understand tritip's "off experience" because I have seen inconsistencies with the food. I have had different experiences at Upstairs 2, but most of the time it has been very pleasant. I like to sit a the bar though--it's a great place to chat with the bartender and try some great wines! Here was my recent review of the restaurant including photos:

        1. Four of us went to Upstairs 2 last night and it was fantastic. Both the food and the wine selections were really impressive.
          The sommieler paired wines with each course of our food and they were great. What a nice expierience. We all will be back. The prices are very reasonable too