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Sep 29, 2006 04:57 PM

Asian in West Village

For a Sunday late lunch/early dinner in the vicinty of Bleecker/Ave of the Americas, are there any:

1. Asian /Asian fusion places?

2. small quite places in the area west of 7th Avenue - cafe type of place possibly w/outdoor seating?

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  1. check out cafe asean on w 10th btwn 6th ave and greenwich ave

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    1. re: calypsogirl

      Just about to recommend the same thing.

      Went there this week to meet a friend and squeeze in another outdoor meal (I love their garden). They were really accomodating when I wanted the red curry with pumpkin vegetarian rather than with beef, but then our server got stranger and stranger (maybe in relation to getting busier... who knows).

      The kicker, though, was when we left.

      We had paid, gotten change, and left a tip, and all of the sudden our waitress is on 6th ave with us, telling us we didn't leave enough money.

      My friend and I were so stunned, and I was like, we paid YOU, YOU got us change, this is your tip. She just goes, oh, you're right, and she turned around and went back in.

      Still, I love the atmosphere there, I love the food, I love the garden, and barring this week, I have always had great service. Hopefully she was just having a bad night.