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Sep 29, 2006 04:49 PM

sauce---something like the cilantro rice

my mind is blanking on the name of a sauce i had at a friend's....she made it with fresh herbs, blended as well...and served it with a veal shoulder she braised. it was different--divine and fresh and bright which i found really refreshing with teh slow cooked veal!
does this sound familiar...any recipes?

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  1. or maybe it was a lamb shoulder? it was green and fresh, cut through the richness of the meat nicely. served on the meat at room temp/or kinda on the cooler side.

      1. A coriander chutney? This is a fresh (i.e. uncooked) chutney made with coriander aka cilantro, chile, lime juice and some seasoning.

        1. chimmichurra sauce?

          I've seen it made with cilantro instead of the parsley also.

          1. im not quite sure if it was made with cilantro...
            i've been googling like nuts....maybe it was parsley, capers and anchoives? but it had a specific name....hmmmm

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              sounds like puttanesca, with the anchovies and capers