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Sep 29, 2006 04:42 PM

Sausage Cart on Union Square North

Saw a weird high-end sausage cart on USQ yesterday. Wasn't hungry and I avoided think it might be somehow related to that mediocre Medler's place. The cart had a gimmick where they slice the top off a baguette and stuff the sausage in it. Has anybody tried it?

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  1. There was something in the NYT dining section on Weds. about a new sausage cart (but I think the location was further west - Abingdon Sq?) that toasted the inside of a baguette and offered a couple of different toppings: pesto, mustard,???. $5 a pop fearturing a beef & turkey sausage form something like Applegate farms(?) - sounded good :-)

    1. you mean mandler's? i haven't seen that cart. which side of union square north is it closer to?


      One With Pesto on a Baguette, Please

      Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System, a stand in the Bleecker Playground at Abingdon Square in the West Village, has a different way with hot dogs. Andrew Deitchman and Heather Baltz, the owners, have equipped their stand with a gadget, fairly common in Europe, called a spike toaster for toasting the interior of a length of baguette. Beef and turkey sausages cured by Violet Hill Farm in Livingston Manor in the Catskills are sizzled on a grill, then slid into the crispy opening in the bread, a Tom Cat baguette, no less. The sandwiches come with a choice of dressings, including pesto, blue cheese and Dijon mustard, and cost $5. Grilled asparagus is the vegetarian option. The hours are noon until about 7 p.m. daily: (917) 279-1886.

      1. Does anyone know if Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System is still open? I've been to Abingdon Square 4 times and no luck. Have they staked an outpost in another part of the City. Thank you.