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Best <<<< >>>> in Orange County

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I found this on the NY board, and I desperately need ideas for all-things best in OC.

I'll start:

rotisserie chicken - BAndera (Corona del Mar)

beef ribs - tie between Bandera & Gulfstream (CdM)

crunchy tempura roll - Kyotori (Garden Grove)

Appletini - The Quiet Woman (CDM)

Creme Brulee - French 75

Tiramisu - J"S bakery (IRvine)

Bisteck Apanado (Breaded steak w/rice) - La Pizza Grotto Peruvian (GG)

Chocolate S'mores Fondue - Melting Pot Irvine

Pistachio gelato - Gelato Paradiso

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  1. crunchy tempura roll - Wasa at the Bluffs(Newport)

    Creme Brulee - Fleming's

    Tiramisu - J bakery (Irvine on Walnut)

    1. Upper-tier Fusion Sushi - Frenzy Sushi (Costa Mesa)

      Traditional Sushi - Sushi Shibucho (Costa Mesa)

      Tortas & Aqua Frescas - Jugos (Costa Mesa)

      Taiwanese Cafe Food - Red Onion Cafe (Irvine)

      Beijing Cuisine - Lotus (Huntington Beach)

      Vietnamese-Cantonese Cuisine - Furiwa (Garden Grove)

      Beef Noodle Soup (Chinese) - New Shanghai (Irvine)

      Mexican Grill - Las Fajitas (Irvine)

      Italian - Sopranos (Costa Mesa)

      Peruvian Grill - Peruvian Kitchen (Fountain Valley)

      And these are just the ones I'm aware of. There's so much more in Orange County. We may not be as centralized as LA, but we have more variety and bigger ethnic enclaves.

      - Chubbypanda


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        Sopranos in CM? Really? I've driven by this hole-in-the-wall many times and have been intrigued. I'll have to check it out.

        A few of my contributions:

        Gyro -- The Mad Greek [Stanton]. really.
        Carnitas -- Carnitas Los Reyes [Orange].
        Fish Taco -- Las Cotijas [Tustin]
        Thai -- Thai Nakron [Garden Grove].

        gawd, there are so many things that I am drawing a blank on...

        1. re: SouthOCHound

          Sopranos is great. Classy mom&pop with authentic Northern Italian fare.

          Tell me about it. Too many great places to remember. Thai Nakorn? Word. Awesome place.

          - Chubbypanda


          1. re: Chubbypanda

            Sopranos... really? I tried their pizza at Taste of Newport and it was, er, not good. The "Iowa Hawkeyes" banner didn't do much for their Jersey cred, either. What's good there? (I'm not willing to write off a restaurant based on reheated food at a tasting festival.)

            Thai Nakorn is the best Thai in SoCal. Order anything off the specials menu.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Lamb shank. The lamb shank is to die for and quite nicely priced. Most of their pasta is also excellent. Stay away from the meatball and marinara. I've never tried their pizza. Always lots of better stuff to order.

              A number of my coworkers like the Pasta Carbonara as well.

              - Chubbypanda


              1. re: Chubbypanda

                I went to Soprano's about a year ago, the food was alright, but the service was pretty bad. I'm not sure if it was because my girlfriend and I are pretty ytoung and we didn't order alcohol. But they were not very friendly or attentive.

                1. re: derekp17

                  Odd. My fiancee and I are both 26. Neither of us usually drinks, but we always receive excellent service. The restraurant is family owned and run, so we've always been welcomed like family when we visit (which is about once every two months). We've been going for about two years now. Perhaps they had an off night, or you went during an extremely busy time. I've learned over the years that every restaurant, no matter how good, has its down periods.

                  If you're game to go again, I'd be interested in hearing if your second experience there is the same as the first. Since it's not a pricey place, it might be worth a repeat attempt.

                  - Chubbypanda


      2. here's something recent & similar: www.chowhound.com/topics/show/315098

        for me:
        Mexican: El Farolito (but avoid their tamales
        )neighbourhood sushi: Fun Sushi Momo (Fullerton)
        happy hour: Yardhouse (Brea)
        Japanese izakaya (tapas/small plates): Honda Ya (Tustin)
        Chinese: Ten Ten Seafood (Anaheim)
        Italian: can't seem to find one
        English: The Olde Ship (sticky toffee pudding is a must-have, Fullerton)
        Veggie-friendly: Rutabegorz (Fullerton)
        French: La Vie en Rose (Brea)

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        1. re: OCAnn

          Have you had the sticky toffee pudding at Table Ten in Fullerton? (Best I've had!)

          1. re: Funwithfood

            I kinda heard about this toffee pudding. Tell me more about this Table Ten resto. what kind of restaurant is this? fancy-ish or casual? aside from pudding, what shoudl i order? this might be close to my office. thanks.

            1. re: Funwithfood

              I've not had the sticky toffee pudding @ Table Ten. Is theirs served w/heavy cream or ice cream? (The STP @ The Olde Ship is served w/heavy cream poured over a hot pudding cake.)

              I was there @ TT for lunch last month and thought the food was good/okay (I ordered a sandwich...maybe I should've ordered something else). It's a casual restaurant with a very nice atmosphere. Since they have sticky toffee pudding, I will give it another try; thanks for the tip!

              TT is located on Commonwealth, just west of Harbor.
              124 Commonwealth Ave

              1. re: OCAnn

                ml22--Table Ten is sadly a "could be" restaurant. They are trying to be something they just can't be. The ambience/quality/experience does not justify the high entree prices (some are $24!). I wish they would come up with some $12-$15 comfort-food type entrees. That being said, I had the best French Onion Soup I've ever had there. (If you go, please report back.)

                The Sticky Toffee Pudding is heavenly at Table Ten... OCAnn, it is served with heavy cream. I'd be quite surprised if it isn't better than The Olde Ship's.

          2. Second Lotus Chinese Eatery in Huntington Beach, especially for their home-made noodles, their tofu omelette, and the breads.

            Kareem's on Ball in Anaheim for their fatteh, hummus with meat and pine nuts, and our very favorite felafel.

            Pasta Connection in Costa Mesa for a friendly neighborhood Italian joint.

            Ray's Pizza in Irvine.

            And Wholesome Choice in Irvine for their deli and hot items, also produce.

            1. All I could think of when I saw the thread title was the movie “You and Me and Everyone We Know.”

              1. Japanese izakaya (tapas/small plates): Ikko (Costa Mesa)

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                1. re: johnnypd

                  How does Ikko compare to Honda Ya and Shin Sen Gumi?

                  1. re: JAB

                    from what i've seen of Honda Ya (never been there personally), it is more upscale, more seafood orientated and there is a sort of French/European influence in the many non-traditional dishes. for example, you might get penshell sashimi with shavings of black truffle or seared albacore wrapped around avacado and doused in Salsa. They've also worked in Foie Gras onto the menu in the past. it is still informal though, jazz playing the background, everyone getting tipsy and having fun. the chefs are really inventive and always coming up with new dishes.

                    Sushi is exquisite (especially the Toro and the Mackerel), and wide selection of unusual fish airlifted from Japan, that they display on the blackboard. price for two is usually around $100, and that includes drinks.

                2. I was at the Main Place mall (sta.Ana) and was pleasantly surprised to find a new gelateria inside the mall called "Heaven in a Spoon" (2nd flr. close to the former Robinson's May-soon to be JC Penney side)

                  Their pistachio had a weird flavor to it - like it had a very strong pistachio "extender", I still prefer the gelato paradiso version. But I definitely enjoyed their straciatella and hazelnut. They put half a wafer on top as an added bonus. The owners are the servers themselves, they also have a little bit of pastries (napoleons, cream puffs, baklava...) on the side.

                  I commented about Melt Gelato at the Block and the couple strongly stated that they shouldn't be compared to it because theirs is better. uhm...okay?!

                  Personally my favorite in the Orange area (within a 10 mile radius) is Cafe Lucca's gelateria at the Orange Circle. More choices, very consistent.

                  1. Best...
                    short ribs--Pinot Prevance (south coast)
                    organic/free-range steak--Turner New Zealand
                    roast chicken--La Fogata (corona del mar)

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                      I second La Fogata for Roast Chicken