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Sep 29, 2006 04:24 PM

Best Inexpensive-Good For Groups-in NORTH BEACH

hi all

coming to SF next month just for the weekend for the nike marathon and would like to end the weekend with a big group dinner in north beach BUT i think i will be pretty tapped out after chowing big time fri & sat.

where could we go in north beach for not too much $$ and good for groups?

doesnt have to be killer, more about seeing my friends after a year and saying goodbye again.


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    1. Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House is huge, cheap, easy place for big groups. More of a bar than a restaurant. Some of the food's OK and some's bad, unfortunately my post on that seems to have gotten lost. Basically I'd say avoid the dosas and other southern Indian stuff as the cooks don't know how to make it.

      1. What's inexpensive to you? There's no point in offering up places that run, say, $25 pp before alcohol if you classify that as too expensive.

        If $25 pp is an acceptable threshhold, then check out Capp's Corner on Powell & Green for their 5-course Italian dinners.

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          1. I once saw a huge group at Michaelangelo's Cafe even though it's a small place. The just pushed all the center tables together -- pretty good place, not the greatest, but enjoyable. also not as expensive as most other places.

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              Good restaurant for groups is Firenze by Night. Owner will take good care of you and can accomodate large groups. Good quality Italian food at reasonable prices. Get the papparadelle toscano which has an excellent rabbit sauce.

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                Here's a link to my post and pic of the pappardelle toscana at Firenze by Night.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  That is a very fair and accurate description and review of the restaurant - great picture as well