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Dec 8, 2004 06:42 PM

E & O Trading Co

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i just read a branch has opened up near my work which means it's a lunch possibility.
tried searching on this page but nothing came up.
Does anyone have any opinions, any location?

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  1. I've eaten at the one in san jose... thought it was kind of like an bit more upscale p.f. changs.... better food, but it was kind of pricey and not all that impressive.

    an although unrelated to the food per se... the tables at the s.j. location are a little tippy. although it made amusing fodder for a first date I had there... it did mean a few spills of their sticky sauces.

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    1. re: megan

      if there is a tippy table in SF, Fred and I are the couple to sniff them out. i am doing a survey on it. thanks for the warning.
      thanks for the info too
      From what you say I'm not in a rush so far, but Larkspur Landing seems like a popular, but tacky place.
      My food blog (to my horror) attracts more search results for Noonans Bar & Grill than any other place.
      Noonans was so disappointing,
      and i find Marin Brew equally so.
      Sounds like this place might be another place of the same ilk but more of a chain.
      overpriced faux authentic food in big surroundings?

      At least LLanding has a decent sushi place.

      1. re: Sixy Beast
        Joan Kureczka

        E&O was started in SF, and only recently branched out I believe. So if anything, I'd call it a mini-chain. Food used to be pretty uneven, but there was a relatively recent Chronicle review of the SF outpost that gave it fairly high marks. They started life as a brewpub, and actually made one of the better IPAs, but have now killed the brewpub concept at least in SF (that's when they got the new Chronicle review).

    2. never really thought it would be worth it to try the food there, but let me share a little story about the bar.

      it was actually a hot summer day in sf, and i was riding around running errands on my motorcycle (yes, i always wear gloves, boots, and a jacket, and no, not even ducatis come with a/c). so i was really getting in the mood for... a cold peach bellini! passing e&o on sutter, i decided to drop in to the dark, promisingly cool bar to see if they could deliver. it wasn't on the drink list, but it was a slow afternoon and the kind barkeep, in a likewise exploratory mood, decided to see if she could whip one up camp-fashion. with more enthusiasm than deftness, she tried over and over to conjure my dreams out of her blender. we kept sampling the results, but without an actual peach i think we were doomed. such a happy purgatory i never fell through though, and we were soon both very sweetly resigned to our persistent failure. she refused any remuneration, and sent me beautifully refreshed back out into the now comfortably warm day.

      1. j
        Judith Hurley

        The E&O in San Jose is a pretty place, on a corner with big windows, high ceilings and interesting decor. The bar is good and they have their own pale ale on tap. In general, it's in the same category as Strait's, but I prefer E&O because the service at Strait's is impossibly inept.

        At E&O the small plates are the best of the menu. The "signature" dish is corn fritters. I like the portabello mushroom satays, also the lettuce cups with shredded pork. I've enjoyed eating there from time to time, but there's a certain theme park quality to the place and I find it's good to go about once a year, especially good for entertaining out of towners.

        1. I went because a visitor from Indiana (whose taste in food I very much respect) raved about it. My feeling was that the food was OK, not great, but way too expensive for what you get.

          I don't think I'll go again.


          1. E & O is one of the better restaurants in downtown San Jose and one of our pre-opera favorites. The corn fritters are awesome and nearly everything we have had over several trips - small and large plate alike -has been very good. Plus you have the nice setting and friendly, efficient service.

            The bad news is that the wine list is absurdly overpriced, and they've gotten rid of their wonderful brewpub beers. But at least they have a good if unexciting draft beer selection (the usually local suspects).