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Sep 29, 2006 04:19 PM

Cheap eats in Northern Westchester

Where can go for great cheap eats in Northern Westchester? It seems like all the good places up here are pricy! Thanks--

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for?

    There are great burgers at Blazers Pub (recent post about their burgers) and GREAT eclectic menu at Umami in Croton (the owner also has good take out Mexican 2 doors down called Mexigo).

    Temptation Tea House in Mt. Kisco has Asian small plates and can be quite reasonable (2-3 small plates is a decent meal) with wonderful unique teas.

    I could possibly offer more suggestions if I knew what you were looking for.

    1. I'm looking for any restaurant, really, that'll offer a great quality, foodie-approved meal for under $20. I'm thinking of everyday places that you can't live without -- for me, that's S. Westchester joints like Lefteris Gyro, or Corona Luncheonette, Modern Pizza, Little mexican Restaurant. Y'know--cheap, everyday places that offer good value, tasty food. Any thoughts?

      1. Lefteris has a place in Mt. Kisco on Main St. I've gotten take-out a couple times and it was very good.

        1. Try Portofino for pizza and robust Italian dinners. It's in the A&P shopping cneter in Goldens Bridge. Atmospehere is nothing to write home about, but you asked for cheap! Besides the staff is pleasant.

          1. Churrasqueira(sp?)Ribatejo on Spring Street in Ossining, for really good reasonably priced Portuguese grill. A tad pricier, but also good Portuguese is Doca's on Main Street in Ossining.

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              Thanks, Marge (I always enjoy your posts and pieces)--these are perfect. Is there a large Portuguese population in Ossining? I have a weakness for mussels and linguica.

              1. re: JSexton

                I'm afraid Churrasqueira Ribatejo has closed, but Docas is still around.

                1. re: Boswell

                  Churrasqueira Ribatejo was closed for a few months after a fire in the building, but happily they ARE re-opened now. Yes, J, there is a large Portuguese population in Ossining. CR has great grilled chourico (and chicken)--never had mussels there, but the clams in garlic are really good. And their flan is great. Doca's has a cold mussels with salsa that are very good, and their octopus salad is fabulous. Both restaurants have good, very reasonable, Portuguese wine selections, and very good espresso.

                  1. re: Marge

                    Great news, I was afraid they were gone for good. I really like their spicy chicken/shrimp piri piri.

                    1. re: Boswell

                      Churrasqiera Ribatejo sounds fabulous--but how cheap is it? Octopus and other seafood entrees sounds pricy. Can you get an app, an entree (and maybe a beer/or glass of wine) for under $25?

                        1. re: Marge

                          Fab--I'm on them. Sadly, they're closed on Tuesdays all day so I can't get a menu. Here's the address and phone: Churrasqiera Ribatejo 39 Spring Street, Ossining (914) 941-5928. Any other great, cheap finds? I've got sm. plates at Temptation Tea, Churrasq. Rib., any other upcounty restos of frequent, happy resort?