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Sep 29, 2006 04:05 PM

Problems posting replies with IE7

Since I've upgraded to IE7, I've noticed that anytime I want to reply in the middle of a thread, only the top half of the reply box shows and the "add reply" button is buried under the post below it. I can't seem to get to the reply button scrolling or refreshing.

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  1. I have noticed the same (this happens on RC1 as well as beta 3 builds.) IE6 doesn't seem to have the problem.

    1. IE7 is still in beta. You should report problems to Microsoft.

      Or just switch to Firefox.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        "IE7 is still in beta."

        That was misinformation as of yesterday. If a problem replying using the browser that holds an 85% market share continues, the ever-competent CHOWstaff will need to deal with it.

        1. re: meatme

          They shipped after I wrote that post. The original poster should install the release version and see if that fixes the problem.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I just reinstalled IE7 from the Microsoft site and it's still having the same issues. I usually switch to Firefox if I need to post. That's been my solution.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              "They shipped after I wrote that post."

              Almost, but not quite. It was made available the evening of October 18. See:,127...

              "I just reinstalled IE7 from the Microsoft site and it's still having the same issues."

              I do hope there aren't any serious problems. I'm about to take the plunge myself. Will report back...

              Supposedly there's a one-click backout to IE 6, at least for the release (non-beta) version.

              1. re: meatme

                Before posting I looked at the IE7 home page to see if it was out of beta, and it was still RC1.

                By my standards it's really still in beta, Microsoft products aren't really GA-quality until SP2 at the earliest.

        2. For mid-page replies, firefox isnt working for me either.

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          1. re: torontoeh

            Is that also really still in beta?

            1. re: meatme

              Firefox 2 is in beta, currently on Release Candidate 3 so should be close to shipping.

              Current non-beta release is 1.5.

          2. Try using the "tab" to get to the "post my reply". I write the post, hit "tab", "enter" and then go back and edit since I can't see most of what I've written. Roundabout but it works.

            1. The problem seems to be fixed now. I can't tell if CH made some changes to the software, or if it's a result of updating windows/explorer. Either way, thanks.