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Sep 29, 2006 03:46 PM

Reistertown And Beltway Monday Dinner

I need a moderately priced place for a Monday night dinner with an old friend near Reisterstown Road and the Beltway. We'll be meeting early, like 5:30 or so.

No idea what my friend likes, so avoiding most ethnic would be good. Any suggestions?

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  1. Ruth's chris is right there North of the Belway. Linwood's is also a good choice. Farther North on Reisterstown Road.

    1. Mari Luna, about three miles on the right heading in toward the city is excellent. While this is Mexican ethnic, I think most people will find something on the menue to their liking. I am fond of the lamb shanks. Note, you must bring your own beer or wine (which I count as a plus). I'm not sure about being open on Monday. Ruth's Chris and Linwoods are both good but perhaps more expensive than moderate.

      1. Ruth's Christ has a Light menu that they serve in the Bar. You can make reservations.

        1. Strapazza is good, basic red-sauce Italian, about 3/4 mile towards the city on Reisterstown. Very reasonable.

          1. Linwoods or its sister restaurant Due would be nice.

            Further up Reisterstown Road is the Harryman House.