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Sep 29, 2006 03:33 PM

Birthday Dinner: In Search Of Filet Mignon, Friendly Service

I need some help deciding where to go for my birthday dinner! I've read tons of posts on the best steakhouses and I think I've decided that Strip House is my top choice (I'm a sucker for chocolate cake!), but I was curious if there's a non-steakhouse restaurant that might be a good choice. The only thing Strip House doesn't match for me is the sides- I love mashed potatoes and they don't have 'em. I'd really appreciate any suggestions you have!

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  1. Strip House is great choice. You'll forget you're missing mashed potatoes when you try their goose fat potatoes!

    Just beware they tend to back up a little bit past your reservation time.

    1. My first suggestion is that you eat rib eye or porterhouse rather than a filet. My second suggestion is that you go to peter lugers.

      1. The filet at Dylan Prime was delicious. I've ordered it twice and never been disappointed. I find the restaurant to have a lot more choices than a typical steakhouse (it has a great fondue as an appetizer!).