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Sep 29, 2006 03:31 PM

Good place for foodie newlyweds - approx $100 dinner


We have foodie friends moving from Montreal to your fine area and we'd like to send them to a great place they will return to often. We'd like to spend about $100 or so. Please reply with your recommendations.


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  1. Where will they be, MD, VA or DC?

    1. Ah, sorry! They'll be in DC.

      1. The Bar at Palena. Or 2 Amys or Colorado Kitchen, although your $100 will get you more than one meal for two at those places. These are places that they should get to know and love.

        1. The Bar at Palena is a great recommendation, but somehow you need to make it clear you mean the Bar, because the restaurant will set them back two or three times your gift.

          If you want it to be someplace they'll return to often, do you know what neighborhood they will be living in?

          1. Finally got the info! They'll be staying on H Street NW, just near Lafayette Park for the beginning. I suppose this means that they'll be near lots of expense account restos and things that close in the evening - so restaurants that DON'T fit those bills would be the greatest. THANKS!