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Sep 29, 2006 03:27 PM

Boston-Transplant--Need Birthday Dinner Suggestions

My boyfriend and I moved to LA exactly one week ago from Boston, and today is BF's birthday. I'd like to go somewhere nice for dinner. We're in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Are there any areas in LA that are similar to the South End in Boston...a few blocks of some really great restaurants?

What is the best Web site (besides Chowhound) to find listings of restaurants and their websites?

It's just so huge here that I have no idea where to start if not for suggestions from foodies.


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  1. There are a lot of good restaurants on Third Street and Beverly between La Cienega and La Brea: Grace, BLD, Angelini Osteria, AOC, etc. For a birthday, consider AOC, but make reservations.
    I also like Chameau on Fairfax - modern Moroccan, very cool decor. Since you're near West Hollywood, Norman's on the Sunset Strip is a lovely restaurant with sort of haute Caribbean cuisine.
    I'm going to answer your website question on the Food Media board so it won't get bounced off.
    Welcome to town!

    1. It'll be helpful if you give some parameters.

      Do you have a price range you're trying to fall into?
      Is there any specific cuisines you're looking for?
      Ethnic or not?

      A little more info would be more helpful. :)

      1. Thanks for the welcome. Chowpatty, thanks for those recommendations. Love the menu at Grace, however, it might be a bit too expensive for this dinner. Must wait until afore-mentioned BF is actually employed. Chameau and AOC both look very intriguing.

        More parameters:

        $20-$30 per entree

        A wine list that offers a decent number wines by the glass. We prefer to get a bottle, but my BF drinks red, and I'm drink white (darn the migraines!), so we tend to get try different wines by the glass for each course.

        Our tastes tend to run to modern American/bistro-type fare, where there are a variety of different types of dishes. But we love ethnic food, especially French, Indian, Mediterrean, and Spanish.

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          How about Norman's?

          Decent by-the-glass wine selection as well.

          Happy B-day.

        2. I second AOC for what you want. It's small plates so you can control how much you spend better. And I think they may even have half-glasses of wine since they have wine flights, so you can definitely mix up the wine choices. You don't have to spend a fortune there. It's been the top favorite local chowhound place on a yearly poll for the last couple of years, by the way. I should say that I have not been since last year I guess, but I haven't heard that it's gone downhill at all. Au contraire. I would call it Mediterranean. I think you'll love it. It is noisy, so you might want to go earlier rather than later.

          If you go, be sure to get the stuffed dates.