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Sep 29, 2006 03:05 PM

JIN (old Weylus - Route 1)

Has advertised on WBZ. Went for buffet - arriving 5 PM. Buffet starts at 5PM. Place not busy. Hostess said would be right with us. She was talking to another person. Waited 10 minutes and left.
They didn't need our business!

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  1. I've been there a few times since they opened. The Dimsum was good, not great but good. The Buffet is very nice in that it offers a wide selection like it's predecesor East Manor. And as a Buffet it's quite good.

    On another not the service was never very attentive even when it was East Manor.

    1. What buffet were YOU at?!

      As a buffet, it's quite mediocre. And twice the price of all competitors.

      If you have $100 to blow, however, they're having a charity gala tonight Warwick, I think it was.

      I'm also with RustyPete on the service. Gave it 3 or 4 chances; pretty bad each time. But a tad better than East Manor at least.

      BTW, did it really change owners? I notice that several of the waitresses are the same, even after 10+ months' hiatus. Unless there are family ties involved, I would think they'd have grown other commitments in the meantime.