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Sep 29, 2006 02:17 PM

Vancouver WA

I will be in Vancouver WA in a few weeks on business, staying at the Vancouver Hilton. I doubt I will have time to cross into Portland for an evening. I am not familiar with Vancouver restaurants near the Hilton. I will have a car, but won't have time to venture very far. I know there are many small restaurants our on 4th Plain. Maybe someone could give me some recommendations for small, ethnic restaurants in Vancouver for dinner. I would really appreciate it. I tdhink I will be there for 4 dinners. Thanks.

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  1. Gray's in your hotel is decent. Thai Orchid and Tiger Garden are decent enough for Thai.

    If you're going to travel to Fourth Plain, I suggest Thai Little Home. It's no frills Thai, but the flavors are above the norm. Taqueria Colima has decent low-end Mexican with freshly made tortillas.

    The truth is that by car you're not much farther from a lot of Portland's offerings than you are from Fourth Plain's. 5-10 minutes for Fourth Plain and 10-15 minutes for downtown Portland, including time to park probably. And all of North Portland is just as close.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I have made note of all of them. Do you know anything about Little Italy's Trattoria?

      What would you suggest in North Portland?


      1. In North Portland you may want to try Alberta Street Oyster Bar and Grill or Roux. Both are pretty good.

        1. Yeah, I used to work right above Little Italy's. They'd always call parking enforcement on my car. I fantasized many times of doing mean and nasty things to them. They also have a place over here on my side of town. It's pretty mediocre stuff. Better on average than an Olive Garden, but not by much.

          I'd like to try the Hawaiian place downtown. Haven't tried that yet. It might be decent. I'd probably stick with the Thai, though. It will be acceptable. Or the more bistro/American dishes at Gray's, like burgers and such. If you want to stay close. Also, there was this place called Manny's or maybe Coffee Talk or something like that that we used to get great lentil soup from. I think he might have sold or closed, though. Haven't been in years.

          In North Portland, I would go to Fire on the Mountain or Roux as first choices in the evening. Lagniappe would be cheaper Louisiana option than Roux, still with great food. Acadia is another one that's good. La Bonita taqueria is one of my favorites. There's Autentica just off Killingsworth. But some of these are starting to move you pretty far east. But anything on Killingsworth or Alberta are pretty easy to get to if they're in the 30s or under. They have freeway exits and you're 5-7 minutes over the bridge and to the exit, then 5 minutes down the road to the restaurant. Parking isn't that bad. FOTM is on N Interstate which parallels I-5 and would be a top choice. For Thai, you could do Thai Noon or Siam Society, the former is cheaper and more standard, but still good quality.

          1. Thank you for all the suggestions. I have quite a list accumulated. The cuisine I am missing is Japanese or Chinese. Any Vancouver....or north Portland? Thanks