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Sep 29, 2006 02:17 PM


Dinner last night was a pleasent surprise. We thought the Seared Ahi , Kobe burger and Lettuce Wraps were above average.
Fun atmosphere and good Drinks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. for the area the food at tantalum isn't half bad. the decor, ambiance, and scene are great. we used to dock the duffy and eat there all the time. then, the manager did not keep up his end of the bargain on a corkage deal he quoted us (the waitress didn't know what that was). we arranged it by phone before arriving. we vowed not to return.

      now, we go to BIGG's.

      1. Had my first visit to Tantalum last weekend. Was initially impressed by the sleek decor and the awesome bar with the glittering waterfront view. It was packed. What I liked was that the crowd was very diverse and there wasn't the usual pretentious attitude found at similar trendy/fusion joints.

        We managed to find a tiny table for three. The food was good -- (the spicy tuna tartare was outstanding, as was the kobe burger, miso-glazed halibut & panko crusted brie) but the service was what stuck out the most. Our waitress was terrible. My side dish never came and when I politely asked for it, she didn't even apologize or sound apologetic: "It hasn't come yet? I put the order in." The side dish came when I already finished with my entree and it arrived cold. She also brought out the wrong drink for my friend and informed me that the drink I ordered was unavailable. When the bill came, I was still charged for the drink that never came. I'll try Tantalum again (I have a two-chances rule) and hope I get a different waiter/waitress but I've been hearing from several others that service is just really bad at Tantalum, which is too bad.

        1. Is this the place in the WOW center by Lohman's?

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              ok, yes - been there liked it. and if I remember correctly they serve food pretty late?
              I haven't been back though, I guess its because of the akward location that I don't really think of it.

          1. Went there for a birthday party about a year ago. Good food and fun. Nice loungy bar too with lots of pillows and room to spread out. Been meaning to go again.