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Sep 29, 2006 01:49 PM

Slicers: Borner vs. Benriner

I'm shopping around for a mandoline-type slicer and I have pretty much heard such great things about the Super Benriner, the inexpensive Japanese-style slicer, that I had decided to get it. But I just found a deal on the Borner V-Slicer and I'm wondering if it would be as good. The Borner is European with German-steel blades, so I think the blades are set at a different angle than the Japanese slicers. The Borner also comes with one of those veggie holders that you clip onto the veg to prevent your fingers from being sliced; the Super Benriner comes with a finger guard attached to cover the blade.

Unless anybody has a compelling argument why I shouldn't get the Borner (which is a third of the price) I think I will order it since it's a small investment.

Would value your input.

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  1. I've had a Swiss Moha for years. It also have a veggie holder so you don't slice off the end of your fingers. It is very simple, comes with a julienne type cutter, then a wider sitck and a flat slicer. I also have a mandoline and rarely get it out and set it up.

    1. I have and like a couple of Benriners, but if the Borner will cut slices thicker than about 3mm, you'd be ahead of the game right there - that's my only gripe with them. On the other hand, the plastic is of a type much less breakable than typical kitchen utensils, which most of the other slicers I've seen aren't. But if you can get one for less than $10, there's no great loss if you don't like it...