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Sep 29, 2006 01:32 PM

Indian Food in Floral Park

Can any of you please suggest what you think the best Indian restaurants in or near Floral Park are, particularly for lunch? I have gone through prior postings on the board and it seems like places come and go, and change in quality through time. Kerala Kitchen is one place that sounds like it's highly thought of. Has anyone been there of late? Other suggestions?
Thank you in advance.

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  1. 1.Cheap, spicy and good with no atmosphere, Fiza Diner
    2.Best Buffet, food and atmosphere, Santoor. Just tried the new Basmati/old India City and it was not as good as Santoor. less items on the buffet and more importantly,less tasty.
    3.Kerala Kitchen is very good and very different, do the buffet so you can cheaply try a wide variety of things you may never have even heard of before. On weekends they have interesting live music. Call to check if the buffet is being served as they have a habit of just not doing it or having a private party instead.
    4.The Afghan Kebab place next to Fiza was bad. They nuked the food and it was still cold. They seem to have no concearn with serving fresh well prepared food.
    5. Heritage is good and has a nice interior, it is also much more expensive then the others.

    1. Usha Foods is a bakery/sweet shop with a snack bar that serves great vegetarian lunches dirt cheap. Their sweets are great too.

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        I second Usha foods for savory chaats, dosas, and their lunch-special thali, check out their menu

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. I went to Kerala Kitchen the other day for lunch. They did not have their buffet. There wasn't really a specific lunch menu- the one dish on the menu for lunch was an $8 combo plate. I ended up with an enormous multi-compartment metal tray filled with great food: a beef dish; a chicken dish; some mixed vegetables; three (!) different kinds of yogurt (one had a little mango in it, another was quite tart and fresh tasting), rice and other goodies. I know beef isn't too common on Indian menus, and should have asked for more specific information, but the waiter referred to it as 'fried beef'. It was spicy and good. Everything was very fresh.
        I have a huge appetite and had a hard time finishing my meal. Highly recommended.