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Flatbush Farm - good tuna belly and lamb

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Hi Folks,

I ate at Flatbush Farm the other night and had an excellent and spicy tuna belly. And the lamb shoulder is terrific - comes with bubble and squeak. Anyone else had dinner there? The bar has been open for a while, but the restaurant next door just started. Also, one Riberia del Duero is very tasty.


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  1. I agree Flatbush Farm has amazing food.I was there last week with a group of friends and we all thought it was by far one of the best meals we've had in a long time.
    I had the pork goulash,complete with homemade noodles and Heirloom Tomato salad.
    The space is really nice too,I will surely go back.

    1. Wait, where is this place? More info, please!!

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        Its in the old Bistro St. Marks space - St Marks Ave between 6th Ave and Flatbush. Havent tried it yet.

          1. I really wanted to like this place. It is close by, has a good vibe. But, unfortunately, it comes across as amateur hour. But at top notch prices. I also had the goulash, which was good -- but at eighteen dollars a plate, a fairly modest or overpriced portion, depending on how you look at it. My friend had the risotto, which we had to send back because water was standing in the dish. For the same price, I can go to al di la and get some of the best risotto in NYC (and probably should have).

            1. Despite inconsistent reviews, we found Flatbush Farm to be a real gem. I can understand how someone could walk away having had a less-than-stellar experience, but this place is one that I would give a second chance. The food is above average, the decor is interesting, and they've got the right idea about service, if not the perfect staff. I imagine it can be very difficult to staff a restaurant with great people right away, so I always let service imperfections slide during the first six months or so. The general vibe here is a good one. It's definitely worth checking out!

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                what did you eat there, eatout?

                Is this restaurant under common ownership with any of the other neighborhood places, do you know?

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                  The Chef, Eric Lind, is formerly from Bayard's. I've had his food there many times and it is also simple and elegant with attention to preserving the fresh flavors of his produce. I can't wait to check out Flatbush Farm.

              2. I paid a visit this weekend and the experience was definitely more enjoyable than not. I didn't have a problem with portion size and price point. The pork goulash and lamb shoulder were hearty and well suited for fall. However, I also had a terrine that was just blah and flavorless. I wasn't even sure what meat it was composed of but I'm guessing it was chicken. So, one clunker out of three dishes. If in the neighborhood, I would likely give them another chance.

                More details on my Flatbush Farm experience:

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                  I have always had a good time there. The price is very reasonable for the great food. I loved the salmon cakes on leeks at brunch, really delicious, as were the pancakes. The pigs feet on the bar menu -pieds de cochon de buffalo - were spicy and good texture, great bar food (i've only had pigs feet in a stew before and hated that, this didn't even really taste meaty.) The tuna belly was very good, as was the french dip, great comfort food - well cooked beef sandwich dipped in beer and very tasty, good for these cold winter nights. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly and its a perfect place to go with a crowd, round one of the big wooden tables at the back...Almost forgot, my favorite dessert in brooklyn (along side Moto's date cake) is the warm walnut toffee cake...

                2. I have to try this place! I thought Bistro St. Marks varied from mediocre to awful, so I've stayed away from that address, but now I'm to see to what they've done with the space.

                  1. A friend who is a food editor and I who is a food eater dined at Flatbush on Tuesday night. It was pretty empty when we showed up at 7 and full when we left at 9. The decor is intimate and dark, just the way I like it, and it was a perfect pre-holiday escape. I had a decent martini (which took too long to come, but the waiter apologized profusely -- they get drinks from the bar next door) and oysters to start, and my friend loved the tuna belly and fried chicken livers. My goulash was tender, juicy, hearty comfort food. Had a nice convo w/the server about the comeback of Brussels sprouts. All the food was hot and very flavorful. I'd go back in a heartbeat. Doesn't hurt to have such cute waiters, either.