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Sep 29, 2006 01:22 PM

Wine Newbie - Food/Wine Question

I'm having friends over tonight for an informal meal which consists of pork loin (yogurt & chipotle marinated/stuffed), a red lentil daal (not too hot-spicy, made with some sweet potato), rice, stir-fried okra, with a bit of cumin. Plus fruit-based desserts+cheese.
I'm completely wine-ignorant (I did find out I like pinot grigio as a summer wine). When I go out I either let the waiter or my companion choose. I love all types of cuisine. I looked in my cabinet this morning & found these bottles, all bought in the last year.
Can you tell me which one (if any) would go with my meal? If you want to tell me if any of them are good or not good, what they'd go with, that'd be great too. I just picked them randomly really (+not too expensive-I wouldn't know what to spend money on anyway since I don't know which ones are worthwhile. Recs. welcome.)
Thank you, much appreciated! The list:

Syrah Malbec, Trivento Reserve, Argentina 01
Cabernet Veneto (?), Italy 04
Tempranillo Reserva, Hoya de Cadenas, Valencia, Spain 99
Shiraz Cabernet, Penfolds, Australia 02
Beaujolais, Brouilly, (France ?)02
Reserva Alentejo, Portugal 02
Merlot, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, France 02
Dque de Veseu Dao, Portugal 01
Dolcetto d'Alba, Cavallotto, Italy 02
Pinot Noir, Chile 05
Petite Sirah, Concannon, California 01
Cab. Zhiraz, Angoves Stonegate, Australia 03
Cote du Rhone, Mommesin, France 03
Rosso della Venezie, Masi, Italy 03

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  1. My best call would be the Tempranillo and a second would be the Dolcetto. The ingredients you are working with need some fruit to balance them. It also sounds like a bit of a peasant style dish so you want to keep the wines simple to keep the theme consistent

    1. OK, tempranillo it is! thanks, I have had tempranillo before & like it -haven't tried the dolcetto yet..must have read something about it, now I can't remember! Maybe (?) that it goes well with Thai or Japanese as I sometimes cook this kind of food.

      1. If you need to open a second bottle: the Concannon Petit Syrah.

        1. I'd go for the Cotes du Rhone or cab-shiraz blends given the spicy character of the food.

          1. Right! maybe I'll put out a couple of the ones you've all kindly suggested, & let guests decide which one to 'tackle' first!