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Spicy Mina's?

Ate dinner at a bustling, busy Sri last night and, as I drove to the BQE entrance, passsed Spicy Mina's. It was empty. Has anyone gone lately? Is it not worth going any more? I couldnt help but feel sad.

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  1. We went over the summer a couple of times and really enjoyed it. Everything tasted very fresh. We want to go back but it's a bit out of the way for us.

    1. I still go once or twice a month and it is unchanged. That is a compliment from me,others might feel differently. I had them cater an office lunch for me about a month ago and they did a great job.

      1. I've been two or three times in the last six months, and it is invariably delicious though there is some variation from time to time. I will say that the chicken is often kind of stringy and tough, even if the sauces it swims in are great. Also, it is not a high-energy feeling place to go like Sri--it feels a little sad. Maybe that would turn around if more people went? I believe that their catering is probably amazing. Once when I was there they were preparing a huge catering order that looked really great.

        1. I drive by Mina's quite frequently, and I always notice that the place is usually close to empty. I don't know if this is a testament to their food. It might just be that people who appreciate Mina don't all flock together every night at the same time making the place seem busy or crowded.

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            I've always thought there was a disconnect between the 'Hound buzz on Mina's and the reality that I've seen--there's never more than a couple tables full, and the front of the house look and feel certainly doesn't match either Mina's beaming smile or the (usually) really good food (on the other hand, I'm always there by 7 or so, so maybe the joint fills up later). Anyway, in my case, I always make carry out orders there. Though the to go menu is more limited, they don't seem to mind too much if you order stuff from the in-house menu to go, the food travels better than much of the stuff at Sri, and you don't have to hang out in the relatively drab environs.

          2. Well, as one who lives in the "relatively drab environs" (i.e Woodside), I find Mina's to be interesting but highly variable both in terms of the food and the level of service. Although less maddening in terms of service than the old Mina's. When they get it right the result is sublime, and better than pretty much all of the other South Asian restaurants in the area, but when they don't the result ranges from passable to inedible.

            The main problems thay have are their location, which is out of the way even for Woodside and a bit of a ways from the main South Asian area and population over in Jackson Heights, and their prices, which are high for folks in the neighborhood and higher than most of the other casual South Asians in the area.

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              No knock from me on the environs of Woodside itself, just the way the restaurant looks on the inside. It's kinda ugly, no? Perhaps the same could be said about the old Sri, but the place had energy, even if you managed to go there when it wasn't full. Mina's just isn't an appealing environment to sit down and eat in.

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                Agreed about the restaurant. They could use a little lighting and decor help, and perhaps some soft tasteful music (although the lack of these things doesn't make them appreciably different from the other South Asian restaurants in the area over by 74th St., many of which are florescent lit horrors). After the first time I went there I've only gotten carry-out.

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                  this topic often comes up in discussions of spicy mina -- and used to come up frequently regarding sripraphai -- and i always end up scratching my head over it. if a place is downright dirty, i tend to stay away entirely. if it's really ramshackle -- like difara's, for instance -- i can understand feeling a bit uncomfortable eating there. but a plain/unadorned/decor-free environment has never bothered me all that much. am i missing something?

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                    No, it just doesnt have the warm, cozy feel that would fit so nicely with the amazing food.

                    I've only been to mina's once and raved about it for months after. And I always want to go back..but its so remote for me from cobble hill and it just doesnt feel like a destination with the drab interior. I wish I lived closer for take out ;)

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                      It's a good topic.

                      Sripraphai pre-renovation was bare bones but bustling. It was just a positive space to be in, usually, once you got seated.

                      Mina's right now is... yeah, pretty ramshackle. If one doesn't have a car or lives too far away from a place like this, but really likes the food, then one sits down and eats. But if one can easily take-out, that just seems like a no-brainer... Mina's has that glass display counter filled with cases of soft drinks that obviously beg to be stored elsewhere (but there's probably no room), and when it rains Mina's lays out flattened cardboard boxes to sop up the wetness that customers bring in... it's ramshackle. I could go on but I don't want to be unfair. I support and like the place. I think a lot of people want more energy from the physical place they're going to sit down to dinner at. The food is obviously paramount, but if it's a scene like Mina's and you can get it to go and go home and open up a nice bottle of wine and put some good music on... it's an easy choice.

                      My hope/theory is Mina's looks empty because a lot of their customers feel that way.

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                        As a huge Mina and Sri fan I have a few thoughts. One of the benifits of take out from Mina is that you can get half orders and pay half price. The major drawback is that one of the great pleasures of "Indian" food is a nan right out of the tandoor, and that element will always be missing. The place is drab and dark and almost always empty but I don't go there when atmosphere is an issue, I go to Mina when all I want is great food and perhaps that is why I usually go to Mina alone. I love it's location right off the BQE and always appreciate the easy parking situation. Last Christmas Day I was driving back from Philly and called Mina to see if she was open. I was told they were about to close, it was only about 7:00. We stopped at Sri and the place was packed. I don't know why Mina does not get the love that the original Sri got, although price might be a factor. Mina is an Indian restaurant in an "Indian" area with tons of competion. Sri has almost no competion in the area and has gained,desrvedly so, a reputation as a destination restaurant. Whatever the reasons, I'm picking up takeout from Sri in a couple of hours, Penang Curry and Drunkin Noodles.

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                          Had my first visit to this Mina outpost and after posts which use words like "ramshackle" I expected the worst - well, nothing like - certainly better than Sunnyside, clean painted walls, cloth napkins, enough glasses for the room, etc.

                          The food was very tasty (the iftar haleem and khichuri I asked for veg and it was served with a SPECTACULAR fried potato patty with cheese inside), service nice once we established communication, the pricing a bit ad hoc, like the whole place really. I think they just dont get US restaurant culture, but thats ok with me - you have to feel around what they can cook that day, and accept the price uncertainty - thats not a problem for me, but I can see it might be for some.

                          It wasnt empty - there were people in and out the whole time I was there - but certainly not bustling.

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                          I love DiFara, it is the best pizza on earth and while it is always ramshakle it is very often downright dirty. Garbage on tables that are never wiped clean, Dom handeling the money and then the raw ingredients. I have never seen anything unsanitary about Mina.

                  2. Does no one take the R/V lines? I haven't been to Mina's yet but have been meaning to every time I pass it walking down the steps into the train on the way back from Sri. Can't speak to the decor but I'd think location would be a plus.

                    1. First off, if you're a subway rider (like me), who lives off the R,V,G line, then 'Spicy Mina'--the 3rd Mina restaurant-- is (by far) the easiest one to get to, and way less out-of-the-way than her first one in Sunnyside. Also, as far as the 'decor' is concerned, my honest feeling is 'who cares' (this website is supposed to be about 'food', not interior-design)...

                      Even so, if I'm forced to give my honest impression, then I'd have to say there's absolutely nothing objectionable, or even very notable, about the 'decor' at the relatively new Spicy Mina--especially compared to Mina's original place in Sunnyside, which I guess was sort of a dump, but a 'dump' that I visited every chance I got, brought a dozen of my friends there, and enjoyed thoroughly. Great food is great food, and criticizing a restaurant that one admits has "great food" for its use of cardboard boxes and where the sodas are displayed seems completely besides-the-point.

                      The pricing is an issue, though, because it's prohibitively expensive to get together with a friend and order a huge variety of dishes like I used to in Sunnyside. The 'lunch special' (you have to ask for it, it's not on the menu) changes that a bit, though.


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                        I think its silly to say you cant comment on the decor of a restaurant. Hell, Michelin considers decor when awarding stars. Its part of the experience of dining. The food, the wine, the decor, the lighting, the audio, the quality of the service. Esp if its not going to be cheap. Mina's prices arent takeout dumpy chinese prices (where I dont care about the decor).

                        No one's faulting her food on this thread...I love her food....people are just commenting on the fact that the place could be more inviting to look at and comfortable to dine in. In other words, something worthy of her fine food.

                      2. The V, R subway is not nearly as heavily travelled as the 7 train down on Roosevelt in the middle of the neighborhood, and not all that many people get off at the 65th St. stop by Mina's. The expresses on that line certainly are crowded, but they skip that stop and stop in the Indian area down in Jackson Heights.

                        Like Marc in Sunnyside Gardens I live close enough to get carry out and get home while it's still warm and fresh. Certainly if given the choice between eating in the environment at Mina's and my own apartment, I'll take my own apartment. But at Sripraphai, which I live just a little closer to, I've often eaten in as it just feels warmer and a bit more welcoming (and did before the renovation).

                        But the argument above really misses the point to me for those of us who'd like to see Mina continue. I'll agree that for we Chowhound poster types decor and atmosphere matters a lot less than food, for some of us to the point where it doesn't matter at all. But that isn't the case for the general dining public. At Mina's present price point it seems to me that she is attracting little or no business from most of the neighborhood and, in any event, most customers will expect a somewhat nicer atmosphere in which to dine. At least equivalent to the other South Asian restaurants down the street in Jackson Heights that are priced somewhat higher than average.

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                          everyone goes on about the prices, so what are the prices/ like what the prices on a few random dishes/

                          are you guys saying that really exceptional food alone (coupled with really crappy decor, atmosphere, location, etc.) does not warrant higher prices/

                          i thought we were all chowhounds, not foodies.

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                            I think the point is that her prices are high for the local south asian crowd - which they are, higher than the competition nearby. Its not just ignorant gringo chowhounds who think this type of food should be cheap. When I was in there a couple weeks ago, I paid $24 for two dishes, haleem and vegetarian khichri. The latter was a huge serving, clearly sized to feed more than one person - and I took it home and we had a couple additional meals involving it, but I do remember being a bit surprised at the cost of the meal. Wouldnt at all affect my going back - I am grateful she is still offering her cooking to us, but I can see how others might react.

                        2. I went there a few months ago by myself and got the Kashmiri chicken, was delish, fresh and unique. Went there last night with wife and kids and IT WAS AWFUL. Like, unbelievably bad in almost everyway.

                          It looked to me, from my view, that the husband was cooking! Mina was walking around directing him. horrible horrible horrid.

                          And I'm someone who can look past the broken down box used as welcome mat (nice touch), the trap door by the bathroom (lawsuit waiting to happen!) -- and comically drab surroundings.

                          Never again, not worth the risk!

                          Steve Eh

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                            This is exactly what I'm talking about. Highly variable food quality -- from sublime to just inedibly bad. I've had both there, but having received the latter more than once I am somewhat reluctant to go back and spend the money. And the "service", don't even get me started. That's what chased me away from Mina's old place.

                          2. The Kashmiri Chicken was the first dish I ever tried at the original Mina in Sunnyside. It was the worst dish I've ever had there and it's a miracle I ever returned. Fortunately every dish I've tried since has been better.

                            I've really wanted to like Mina's and I sort of do, but I can rarely convince anyone else to go after a first visit. Many of her original problems remain. The always promised air conditioning in Sunnyside is still just a fan in Woodside. It's the opposite problem in the winter. The lack of decor and the uneven service are legendary. it's really hard to justify paying the highest prices in the area under those conditions.

                            1. had dinner there last night in the rain - only 1 other table with 1 person in the restaurant and that's just too bad. because it was excellent. we had the fish in mustard oil, the shrimp dopagee (sp), okra, palak paneer, dal fry, samosa chat, and a little this, a little that.....it's a blur now. but we did top it off with delicious rice pudding. it was all her lovely spicing, all vibrant and fresh and beautifully crisp in the taste, the perfect edge. i know i could go back and have it be a different story - but i doubt it and if by chance it wasn't this great, i'd just go back again.

                              1. Just came back from Mina's had a great meal with "Rosewater" and 2 lurkers from Chowhound.After reading all the negative post about Spicy Mina i had to come out and have dinner and see for myself about the posts . I've been to Angon when Mina was chef and had a great meal there and been going to Angon on and off since she left. I've had some from very good to mediocre meals .
                                This was the first time at her restaurant. We started off with somosa chat,veg. fritter and halim . We asked that everything be spicy and they complied. We found bits of hot pepper even in the fritters, don't know if that is the norm but all the appetizers were very fresh tasting and well seasoned. The main was a sour eggplant dish ,mixed grill,spinach with paneer dal fry and onion kulcha nan. i wasn't into the dal fry but i am not a grain bean person . Everyone at my table loved it; it reminded them of an indian /bangladeshi version of stuffing. The mixed grill had several pieces of of boned chicken, 2 pieces of salmon, several pieces of lamb and 2 pieces of shrimp.The lamb and shrimp pieces were on the dry side but the chicken and salmon was well done .I liked the slices of onion and cucumber that came on top of the mixed grill. the spinach dish was fine as most spinach dishes are in most indian/bangladeshi rest.Yes, it was frozen spinach as most places that are considerd casual or low end rest. tend to use .We are not talking about tabla or Devi. In those places at those prices it would not be acceptable. But come on people,the prices are still decent to me, not any higher than 6th St. in the East Village. We were 4 people and we ordered 3 appetizers, 4 entrees, 4 rose water lassis, bread, and 4 desserts. The bill came to $108 dollars, we were happily stuffed, and split the leftovers.

                                The service was fine but i can see why some people can feel confused about Mina's as our order was taken by the cook and we were later waited on by possibly Mina's husband. The service was pleasant coming over to our table to take away plates even ones that we were obviously still working on.Mina stopped off at our table such a sweet lady asking how was the food. When we sat down to eat 3 tables were occupied also the decor of the rest. yes ,it is somewhat drab but nothing different from the neighborhood.Which is a working class area .I found Mina's to be a diamond in the rough a place with very good food that can transcend to a higher level with a lot of support .Just remember when Stripathai was a one storefront rest. and the plain decor and from an ugly duckling out came a very professional sit down rest. that grew as time went on. I'm happy to support a struggling restranteur who have the drive to work hard and cook terrific food and hope they will be able to eventually buy a real mat for their entrance.Previous posters who complain
                                about the consistency of the food i would like to say , i would just tell Mina that the meal is not up to her previous standard and ask her to re-make it as my feeling is she would receive a postive feedback than people not returning.which will give them a chance to really shine.

                                1. Ate there tonight for the first time with a party of nine. We all thought it was superb. It was early, there were two other tables of two. We asked Mina to make us a special dish and she did a biriani that was out of this world, every bite had a new and delicous taste. Mustard fish and Lamb Vindaloo were also outstanding.

                                  1. The place has a good vibe and friendly owners. My wife and I got the curried beef, which was pretty good especially considering that cow is not something you'd expect in a Bengali restaurant; the chicken masala, which was as juicy and tender as any we'd ever had; and the chicken ?deageoji? (I mutilated the spelling), which was also very good and spicy. And, you get three entrees for the price of two, so figure that in to your calculations when you're looking at the menu (we spent $24.88). It all came served with a plentiful bowl of rice and portion sizes are good, so the two of us had plenty to bring home. Caveat - if you pay by credit card, they don't have the machine set up to add a tip. Overall, it's a great little restaurant.

                                    1. We went there yesterday and thought it was even better than before. Somoza chat was ambrosial, and dal fry was even better. A chicken dish (one of the kebabs) was cooked just right, though I would have liked a bit more veggies. The spinach with cheese was merely very good. Onion kulcha, for once, had plenty of onion. Like ramen girl, we met another group of chow hounders and exchanged notes. They came in all the way from Westchester in a rainstorm, just for Mina.

                                      Driving is easy. Come north on the BQE, go past the torn down Roosevelt Avenue exit, head for the Triboro and turn around at the next exit -- or come in on the Grand Central. In either case, get off at the Roosevelt Ave. on the southbound side, turn immediately right on Broadway, and go one block to SM.

                                      1. Ate there last Sunday night. Went with two 'hounds who had been raving about the place for some time. I thought the food was quite good. Particularly liked the mustard fish and the biriani. The onion kulcha was terrific. I'd definitely go again.

                                        1. Went to the current SM location for the first time and found it every bit as, well, out of the ordinary as anticipated after scanning the messages above. To begin, the place was devoid of other customers during prime dinner hour on a Friday evening. Also, no sign of Mina anywhere. Is that typical? The older fellow who waited on us and the slightly younger one who apparently did the cooking were most pleasant. Anyway, the samosa chat was pleasing, the halim wonderfully intense, the saag ponir tasty, the dal fry quite good. Ambrosial? Amazing? Outstanding? Nope - but very good and evidently prepared with more care and attention than usual. Perhaps our choices were less than optimal. The "decor" and overall setting has been addressed above in ample detail. No indication of any offer of a "3rd free entree" by the way. Did we miss something? All in all, a very good meal prepared and served with considerable attention in a rather drab setting. Because the food was a cut above we're more than willing to try again. It would be a shame to lose this place, but also a shame for them not to do more with it. Don't expect it to last long in its current incarnation.

                                          1. I'm a long time chowhound lurker and my meal at SM last night has inspired me to actually post for the first time. Bottom Line: forget anything negative you read above and just go.

                                            My meal last night was not only outstanding but a really unique and memorable experience. Basically this is the kind of place you go on chowhound to find, a real foodie holy grail. The vegetable samosa chat is an absolute must. Many dishes are (as advertised) spicy but not in an obnoxious, just-for-the-sake-of-being-spicy kind of way: the flavors are really complex and interesting.

                                            After reading this thread my wife and I expected this place to be a real hole in the wall and kind of depressing but I found the ambiance to be actually really nice and inviting. There was some great traditional indian music playing (sounded like old bollywood soundtracks) and as soon as I saw Minna I knew we were in good hands. It basically felt like you were going over to a friend's house where their indian mother was going to prepare a really good home cooked meal for you.

                                            It's a shame the place was really empty the whole time we were there (and on a Saturday night no less). As others have mentioned above, it seems like its just not located in a neighborhood where it can be appreciated. For us it was well worth the trip from Brooklyn and we will definitly be coming back to try other things on the menu. Yum.

                                            1. i went last week after several months away and had an excellent meal.

                                              1. yes, we went two weeks ago and then the next week. ate gorgeously for $31. for 2 and had enough to take home for another meal.

                                                the place is very charming, clean as a whistle and as ugly as sin.....actually kind of charmingly ugly. in India it would be considered a kind of Dhabba, a roadside joint. I know that Mina is Bangla and not Indian but the word is the same in Hindi or Bangla. there are NO PRETENSES here!

                                                wonderful food and mina is very lovely. and for your information, mina has NO husband. the other guy serving occasionally is her employee. a curiously charming frequent customer is mina's old school chum, kabir, a local New York trained dentist. He looks to be a generation younger than mina and quite well off but the handsome dr.kabir who clearly cares for his friend, mina, acted as an informal host to us both evenings and we enjoyed his company.

                                                my husband and I were charmed by the food, mina and kabir
                                                we will make it a regular stop.

                                                1. We're trying Mina's tonight; never been. We're going on the strength of the positive reviews on this thread. Let me know if anyone has any veg recommendations. Will report back.

                                                  1. Actually, I'm a little confused about something- is there a Sunnyside location, and if so, where is it? This whole time I have been under the impression that the "Mina's" referred to is Spicy Mina on Broadway in Woodside. Is that place the subject of all this controversy, or some place in Sunnyside? And which one should I go to?

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                                                      Sunnyside location closed years ago, Spicy Mina is the current incarnation. I don't do alot of veg, but don't miss the sag paneer which is often amazing and the samosa chat.

                                                    2. Veg Recommendations:
                                                      (many posts about this but what the hay). Definitely get the Samosa Chat & Palak Paneer. Special Dal Fry gets recommended a lot too, but I'm liking the Malai Kofta these days. Aloo Gobi's great, too.

                                                      'Spicy Mina' is in Woodside/Broadway. 'Mina Foods' was Mina's first NYC restaurant, and it was located in Sunnyside about 3-4 years ago.

                                                      1. My wife and I went to Mina's for the first time last night. Man, oh man, where have WE been? The food was outstanding, and huge portions!

                                                        We started with samosa chat. We've never tasted anything like it, and thought that maybe we'd had the best thing on the menu. But no. The palak paneer came. We thought THAT was the best thing on the menu. But no. Then came the rice (I could make a meal of that alone), the lamb vindaloo, and the chicken jal fry. Each bite was better than the last. Of course, it was too much food for just two of us to eat (and we're big eaters), so we've got lunch for today as well.

                                                        Thanks to all who recommended Mina's. It's going onto our VERY short list of places to go.

                                                        1. We, too, went to Spicy Mina's for the first time on Saturday night. We loved it. I didn't find it at all "out of the way" - a short seven or eight-minute walk from the 69th St. 7 stop (and, of course, the G and R stop is practically righ there). We got there at around 9:00pm, and there was one large-ish party of ten or so people - eventually they left and we were the only ones there.

                                                          The food was great. We had samosa chat, which was solid although I think the samosa chats I've had at Dimple and Rajbhog were perhaps better. The mughlai paratha (we got ours without meat) was a nice snack. The entrees, though, were outstanding. The special dal fry was very tasty in an earthy kind of way, and the malai kofta was, I think, the best I've ever had - extremely flavorful (interestingly, both dishes tasted even better when we heated up the leftovers today for lunch). Both dishes were quite spicy, both in terms of heat, as well as in terms of variety of taste - each bite of both dishes tastely slightly different than the last. We had our hearts set on trying the gulab jamun with homemade yogurt for dessert, but we were just too full. I've never had South Asian food in somebody's home before, but this is what I imagine it would be like - the ingredients seemed very fresh, the food was made to order (and obviously labor-intensive), the spicing was somehow very intense but not overpowering, and the service (including Mina herself) was very friendly.

                                                          we're very excited about this discovery, will be going back soon.

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                                                            I was there in the large party on Saturday night - we managed to gather 14 people for a Mina feast and it was great! My husband called ahead early in the day to let them know we would be there with a big group. I think it would be wise for anyone planning on 6 or more to follow suit - it allows them to do some advance preparation that makes things go more smoothly.
                                                            Started with our new favorite, chicken soup, as well as lollipop chicken and samosas. Everything came out quickly and tasty. We then had palak ponir, dal fry, aloo gobi, beef curry, chicken tikka masala, shrimp dopjea and tandoori chicken with roti and rice. The dal fry, shrimp and chicken dishes were particularly good. We ended with small bowls of rice pudding, which is light and tastes like sweet yogurt - yum!
                                                            The dining experience these days is just worlds away from the sometimes difficult times we had at the Sunnyside Mina - the wait times are normal and the food is still great.

                                                          2. I went to Spicy Mina's after joining chowhound and reading all the raves (with occasional pans). I was VERY disappointed. I know and love Bengali food, been to Calcutta 6 times, speak good bengali for a videshi, and am always looking for bangla food.

                                                            Some things were good, but the ilish mach was unlike real ilish mach, my friends' chicken curries had CORNSTarch in them(!). Only the lal doi and the samosa chat was any good. I'll go back to Shilpi Kasturbi in manhattan and stay there. (26th and lex. But beware--go for takeout. Kastubi is REALLY funky...I mean if you people think spicy Mina's is a real dhabaa...eg "a dump" to Americans--you will not be happy eating there. Except, of course for the food.)

                                                            The thing about bengali food is that, as I realized when I started wandering onto food sites from India: you really only get good bangla food at Bengali peoples' houses! Indian restaurants in Calcutta don't serve bengali food. They just have the same old dopiazi-vindaloo-tanduri combos over there too!

                                                            1. We had a FANTASTIC meal at Spicy Mina's last night. Started off with the Aloo Tikka, which was pleasantly spicy, and then had the best bowl of mulligatawny soup that we've ever had - so creamy, and HOT, but the heat didn't over power the delicate spicing. We also had a mughlai paratha (without meat), the Aam Dal Special (I prefer the Dal Fry - more earthy), and a wonderful Fishball Kofta Curry, which was delicious- spiced in a complex way, a delcate combination of sweet and savory that complimented the fishballs so well.

                                                              There was also an "on the house" dessert, which I think was some kind of sweet cheese- very refreshing to the palate after all the spice (even the papadums are HOT).

                                                              The food at Spicy Mina's is obviously labor-intensive, and it's lovingly made to order by such sweet and gracious people. It's quite reasonably priced as well, and BYOB. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite places to eat in Queens (and is certainly my favorite South Asian food). I can't wait to eat the leftovers tonight.

                                                              1. We had 8 people at Spicy Mina's last Friday and it was wonderful. We ordered way too much which was good because I brought stuff home and it was just as delicious leftover. The spicing is fresh and complex and results in a wonderful depth of flavor. I can't wait to go back.
                                                                I am still craving the lamb vindaloo--so intense, makes you sweat, so tangy
                                                                Other highlights:
                                                                mustard fish
                                                                achar gosht (sp?) with beef--cooked with mango pickle, I had never had anything like that
                                                                dal fry
                                                                eggplant pickle
                                                                rosewater lassi

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                                                                  I love the mustard fish and the dal fry. The later is so earthly and satisfying. I nice change of pace from the spicy dishes. Did you try the mulligatawny? Love it!

                                                                2. Thank you all for your comments and feedback about my dream and hope - my Spicy Mina. Please check out our new (and I am excited to say - first) website at http://www.spicymina.com

                                                                  I hope to see you there soon!

                                                                  Mina Azad.