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Sep 29, 2006 01:14 PM

Burlington VT Chinese

My brother and his wife recently moved to Burlington VT after living in Buenos Aires for some time, he grew up acorss the lake in Plattsburgh so is comfortable with the area. They are looking for good Chinese in the area short of driving up to Montreal. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'd recommend Peking Duck House in Winooski.

    Elegant surroundings, excellent food, not your run of the mill fast-food-style Chinese, but the prices are still reasonable.

    1. Burlington doesn't do ethnic food very well, there a few places here but most are very americanized and bland. The Chinese food here tends to be more Cantonese than anything else...and Cantonese does not rate very high on my list. A number of people I know regularly praise A Single Pebble, but the past two times there were very disappointing and I doubt that I will return (it is better to make the drive to Montreal and have to puzzle through a menu in French.)
      I also have to confess that after spending most of my adult life in NYC and San Francisco I am a bit critical.

      1. I like A Single Pebble. Try it and form your own opinion.
        I also really like Silver Palace in South Burlington. It's on Williston Road behind Dunkin Donuts, next to Higher Ground.

        1. I ate at a place called Five Spice Cafe on 175 Church Street last visit to Burlington & it was pretty good-very eclectic setting & menu. Not pure Chinese but good mix of various Asian cuisines. I'm pretty picky & was pleasantly suprised at the quality of the food and quirky setting...