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Sep 29, 2006 12:42 PM

Anyone been to Dona (208 E. 52nd St.)? Worth visiting for dinner?

Thanks in advance for the advice

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  1. Very good food. Service was not very good when I was there, shortly after opening. I would go back....strong on fish. You can see my review posted here a few months back.

    1. Yes, two dinners and one lunch. Many of the dishes, especially the hot and cold appetizers, were very good. Really good pastas, and a new risotto which involves pushing hot marrow out of a marrow bone and stirring it into the rice, which is then topped with shavings of foie gras.

      For $79, you can choose two appetizers, a pasta and an entree: given that it's a swish place in midtown, I think that's good value.

      The atmosphere is suit-and-tie and chintzy, which isn't for everyone, but I recommend the food.

      1. I was expecting more. Just thought the food was OK and not worth it for the price.

        1. I was a little disappointed, especially because most of the best dishes were mainstays at Onera. And all in all, I much prefer the vibe (and the slightly gentler prices) at Onera.