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Sep 29, 2006 12:23 PM

Kosher Calvados

Anyone know if Calvados needs to have a hechsher? If so where can I get some?

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  1. Check with the OU. Liquors and spirits can be a tricky area.

    1. The CRC has a great list for Alcoholic Beverages. It also has ground rules for types of beverages. You may want to check the brandy section as Calvados is a type of Apple Brandy. The link is below.

      1. According to the London Beth Din, as quoted by the NSW Kashrut Authority ( ), Calvados Boulard, Fermicalva Calvados, and Massenez Calvados are all kosher.

        PapaT, the word "brandy" means wine brandy, which has completely different kashrut rules, and therefore its own section in the CRC list. Apple brandy is not brandy (just as "rice wine" is not wine, and "turkey bacon" is not bacon), and therefore is not subject to those rules.

        1. Thanks for the tip - having never heard of Calvados, I searched on "Calvados" and saw that Wikipedia described it as Apple Brandy. Thinking this was Apple flavored brandy I associated it with the CRC list and subsection on Brandy. Now that I have your culinary input I checked more authoritative sites on Calvados production and saw that it is in fact distilled from apples.

          1. You won't find one with a heckscher, and you will find that rabbis in this country (even those-- or, perhaps, particularly those-- in the kashrus industry) have no clue what calvados is.

            I went through this at some length, finally corresponding with the Beth Din in Strasbourg, France (THEY knew). I was advised that, per the Consistoire de Paris, certain brands of Calvados are acceptable-- these include Boulard and Pere Magloire (you won't find a heckscher on any of them). I managed to find a bottle of XO Pere Magloire and have been enjoying it. I recommend it to you!