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Sep 29, 2006 12:16 PM

Cuba Libre Brunch...What to order, what to stay away from?

Having brunch with 9 family members on Sunday at Cuba Libre and I have never been there. I was wondering if anyone could lend some advice for good recs. or any dishes that are a no-go? Thanks

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  1. The menu has apparently changed since we've been there, but Churros y Xocolate was pretty good as was the Churrasco. The Fire and Ice Ceviche was pretty routine as far as ceviche goes. Not bad but nothing novel like the serve at Pasion. They used to have a pretty good Tres Leches cake pairing but now I see it's a banana version.

    1. For the brunch, get the skirt steak. Best thing on the menu. The Churros and hot chocolate are a nice calming dessert on a cool day, but tough to share.

      1. We did the Cuba Libre tropical brunch on Sunday with a party of 9. Overall we had a good time, but the food was simply mediocre overall, something I had a feeling of going into the meal. We wanted more meat and dinner-ish options and with so many people, we wanted a good variety. We ordered two sandwiches. El Cubano and Medianoche both were average at best. I tried both and they were both dry and lacking good flavor. The black bean soup didn't do it for me but others who had it seemed to like it, again I thought it lacked flavor. The chorizo was good, it was candied and salty but different and good. Two people got the skirt steak which they seemed to like and we had the Guava BBQ ribs which were pretty tasty with very tender meat. We also had the Boniato relleno which was a sweet potato crouquett with beef, again it was average.
        Can't quite remember what the others had at this time but overall no one raved about thier food unfortunately. My personal favorite item I tried was the warm oat bread with mango butter. The atmosphere was nice and it was a beautiful day with family in tow, everything was fine overall. I would not go back to eat, instead just for a cocktail and to try the churros (since we had a birthday cake waiting at home) then off to another destination from there.

        1. I tend to agree with your observations that the food is not up to par with the decor. Perhaps when the Pasion infusion gets in full gear soon the food will improve.