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Sep 29, 2006 12:14 PM

Las Vegas

Going there in 2 weeks. Any personal experiences of late?


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  1. Are you looking for Kosher specific recommendations in Vegas, or any cuisine? fyi Las Vegas dining is discussed in great detail on the Southwest board.

    1. Looking only for kosher dining and food.


      1. My wife and I recently ate at Shalom Hunan. We recommend it. It’s close to the Rio or Palms, a bit of a shelp for those on the strip, but we think you'll enjoy it. The newest kosher is Pannini Café, and it is a lot of fun, as much for the clientele as for the food, which reminded us of an Israeli Café. It’s off the strip so you’ll need a rent a car or guidance from locals. As other have, I can’t emphasize enough visiting the Smith’s Supermarket in Summerlin and seeing their “Kosher Experience.”

        1. Haifa was decent when I went there. It is an Israeli meat type place with shwarma and falafel and that stuff. Check out the following link.

          1. in an email from the Kosher Inofrmation Bureau from L.A. dated 5/8/07, they report that Shalom Hunan is no longer Kosher certified.

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              Is the Brookline location still kosher? I understand that they are both owned by the same person.

              ...Complete with a mashgiach to maintain the integrity of the kosher dietary laws, this no-frills clone of the owners' still-thriving Shalom Hunan in the posh Boston suburb of Brookline

              1. re: MartyB

                Actually the Brookline location closed 07/06 after changing names to Shalom Beijing -

                Only Kosher Chiinese in the Boston area is Taam China I and II - one is in Brookline and one is in Newton

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                    it is - also a new place opend in Newton - for a review I gave