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Sep 29, 2006 09:42 AM

Grilled lamb chops wrapped in lamb fat from Amaya restaraunt in London.

Last time I was in London I ate at Amaya in Knightsbridge, some of the food was really excellent, especially the flash grilled rock oysters, with coconut milk.
On my way out I saw the grilling what looked like round lamb rib chops. When I asked why they were round the cook said that they had wrapped the chops in Lamb fat. Anyone know anything about this technique? Id like to try it at home. When I asked the butcher about it, he said maybe they used net fat which comes from around the liver.

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  1. This is a fairly common technique I've used myself (especially useful when doing stuffed chops).

    The chops are wrapped in caul fat, which helps hold in the stuffing and gives the chop an even crust. Then they're seared and finished off in the oven. The caul just melts away.

    I suppose for a fine dining restaurant, the same technique could be used just to maintain an even shape on a rack of lamb, even if it's not stuffed.

    1. thanks for the help!
      im going to try this on the barbecue, as soon as my butcher can find some caul fat. He says he is having a hard time sourcing it.