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any good pubs or breweries on the east bay?

Thinking about going to Drake's Brewery cuz tomorrow is the last Friday of the month and we tried Pyramid too. Any others? Between Hayward and Berkeley. Like porters and stouts. Happy hour prices would make it perfect.

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    1. Triple Rock in Berkeley used to be great... haven't been there in years, though.

      1. I love Jupiter in Berkeley on Shattuck. Great beers and pizzas, plus a huge beer garden in back and sometimes DJs or live music. It's right next to the BART station, too.

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          I'll second jupiter. It's just a great place to hang out, especially in nice weather b/c there is a huge back area.

        2. If beer is your goal, try Barclay's on College. Last weekend they had the second best IPA I've ever had -- Stone IPA 10th Anniversary. If it's still there and you are a hops fiend, give it a try. They always have a good selection of interesting beers.

          1. Lanesplitter has a great rotating selection of microbrews on tap, with one cask-conditioned on hand pump.


            1. As far as East Bay breweries go, my favorite is Triple Rock in Berkeley. I'm a hophead, so I can't comment on the Stouts or Porters, but based on the quality of their other beesrs - I bet they are pretty good. For a brewpub, I like Barclay's or Ben & Nicks, both on College avenue in Rockridge, both have a large selection of beers on tap and pub food (both have happy hours). Here's a few others (minus the ones already mentioned):

              Pacific Coast Brewing Co - downtown Oakland
              Trumer Pils - Berkeley (just a brewery - can't drink there)
              The Bistro - Hayward (beerbar)
              Cato's - Piedmont Ave (same people as Ben & Nicks)

              1. i like jupiter too, but no one has mentioned the albatross on san pablo near univ. or 'the pub' on solano.
                'the pub' is small and cozy, like it's actually an old house and you can sit by the fire in the living room and have a go at scrabble. smokers like it cuz they sell loose tobacco (pipes, roll your own), but like the black sheep in ashland, it has that stale pub smell.

                1. I went to a place called Quinn's lighthouse on the Alameda estuary right over the bridge. They have a nice outside deck upstairs over the dock. Great view. Umbrella tables. Full bars upstairs and down. Big menu with lotsa bar food - steak, burgers, calamari, big breakfasts. I don't drink so I can't speak for the selection. But my friend lived near there for years and she really loves the place - went there a lot for the 30 - 40ish social scene as well as the food and drink.

                  1. Beckett's on Shattuck in Berkeley is an Irish pub in a wonderful old brick building. I've only had the fish and chips there and I suspect the food is only so-so, but the space is cozy. It's awfully cold to sit outside, if you ask me.

                    1. Luka's on Broadway at 22nd has a good selection of brews, great food, lively buzz (music, pool table in the back, high noise level).


                      1. I agree with much that has been said above, with a few caveats:

                        - Ben & Nick's: was my usual haunt, but the food has gone way downhill since there was a change in the kitchen a year ago or so. Now I have to stick to Barclay's if I'm on College and need dinner too. So, if you are looking for food and beer, go elsewhere. Just a beer, it's fine.
                        - Barclays: better food and beer than B&N, but doesn't have a true happy hour. You can purchase chips earlier in the day that can be traded in for beers later. They usually have a couple of porters and stouts on tap. The beer selection is really good.
                        - Cato's: Overated -- I absolutely hate those catatoes.
                        - Triple Rock: best brewpub in the area and good food. I like the fries a lot. There is a rooftop deck if you want to be outdoors.
                        - Quinn's: I like Quinn's, but you are trading some quality foodwise and selection beerwise for the view. But a nice afternoon spot.
                        - Pacific Coast: the guest beers are better than the house-brewed. I actually haven't been since they redid the kitchen and added a fryer (it must be nice to finally get fries with the burger), but I remember liking the stuffed mushrooms.
                        - Luka's: best bet for food, but focus is on belgian beers so you won't find as many porters or stouts on the menu.
                        - Lanesplitter: best combo of good pizza and beer, but the beer list is not that long.

                        1. I'm partial to Barclay's for their decent food as well as the below street-level patio.

                          If you like sports with your beers, the Englander in San Leandro is a good spot. Huge selection of beers as well as almost an equivalent amount of TVs tuned to sporting events. Food's average.