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Sep 29, 2006 05:31 AM

Is Anything As Good As IN-N-OUT BURGER??!! [Moved from L.A. board]

i've come to the conclusion that in-n-out burger is the best in la. any one disagree?

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  1. Here is a lengthy post that will discuss your question ad nauseum.
    Personally, they are no big deal, and worth no more than the price charged, yet opinions vary as you will read.

    1. After skimming through the previous thread, it's clear that opinions are as wide as the Mississippi.

      However, you may have read in the LA Times a couple of months ago about a chef who loves In-N-Out burger, and thinks they are the best hamburger in the world, and is going to open up his own hamburger joint modeled on what In-N-Out does right (everything fresh and clean) but also serve wine. His only problem with In-N-Out was that he always had to get it to-go in order to have wine with his burger.

      He didn't mention what wine he'd recommend with a double-double animal style, but I'm curious to see what that would be... :-)

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      1. re: bdumes

        that guy should watch "sideways" and sneak a bottle in and pour it in one of their cups.

        back on topic, as far as chains go, Johnny Rockets is pretty good--nice thick patties, great fries and onion rings. I'm not sure if they still have it but their double rocket burger was very good.

        1. re: bdumes

          Do you happen to know the name? I've heard of 25 Degrees up on hollywood blvd. It's a nice sit down place and pairs burgers with wine.

          1. re: bdumes

            bdumes: The chef that you are referring to is none other than Thomas Keller of the French Laundry.

          2. It's the best fast food burger, but my favorite burger overall right now is the Big Mike burger in San Pedro. Huge thick hamburger patty the size of your fist topped with a grilled hot link and all the fixins. It takes about 20 minutes to cook but totally worth it for an amazing hamburger experience!

            1. I actually like Carl's Jr. better than In-N-Out, though I do like In-N-Out.

              There ain't no burger like a Double Great burger from Great Grill across from Glendale College, though. Bacon, avocado, two patties, it's big, it's delicious, and with fries and a soda it's $5.95.

              I should add that I'm not a fan of Father's Office, the Counter or the Apple Pan (for the burgers anyway).

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              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                I also like Carl's Jr. better than In-N-Out, though I like In-N-Out.

                Molly's burgers are also good. It's on Vine between Hollywood and Sunset.

                And I hate to say it, but sometimes I just need a Fatburger.

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  I got to agree with you. I like Carl's Jr. much better then In and Out. I am originally from the East Coast, so i didn't grow up eating this stuff, but I just don't get the draw to In and Out. I certainly understand the strong feelings people have for "their" In and out, I have lot of opinions on food establishments. It's actually funny how people in California will fight to the death defending In and Out.

                  To me it a just a burger, and not a great one. Yes people try to use the argument that, "well its never frozen, it's fresh!" That's all fine and good, but if they could find a way to add flavour into that fresh meat and the fresh fries, I might then agree with them that's its great. Fresh is nice, but I'm not eating fast food for its health benefits. I eat what tastes good, and an In and Out burger is just not great. Sure it's a hamburger, and I'll eat one now and then to appease the others I am eating with, but the fanatical feelings people have towards In and Out is crazy.

                  I really think people like it so much, just because other people say they like it so much. Quite sheepish if you ask me....

                  My Top 5:
                  #1 Carl's Jr
                  #2 "Dukes Hamburgers" in the City of Orange across from CHOC.
                  #3 Wendy's
                  #4 Fatburger
                  #5 T.K burgers (Costa mesa, Huntington)

                  1. re: anthonyG

                    wow, duke's in orange across from choc, i can't remember the number of times i parked in that lot. though went to Hollingshead's instead. very interesting.

                    but i must agree w/TK's in Newport beach, great burger, if a little heavy and too greasy and a good bun too.

                2. It's not bad for a chain. There are much better burgers around LA, of course.