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Sep 29, 2006 03:46 AM

yet another visitor question

Will be visiting the chicklet at GWU in Foggy Bottom, want to take her out for at least one spectacular dinner. Is Citrine IT? Or is there something else fantastic I shouldn't miss.

Also looking for something wonderful and relaxed in the same area. Not Ethiopian. Is there great Vietnamese? Indian? Tapas? A new rising chef we shouldn't miss?

Thanks for all your help in advance.

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  1. While Citronelle is one of the best restaurants in the country, it is expensive (but well worth it). However, near GWU are also Kinkead's (great seafood and a great winelist), Circle Bistro (Brandon Cox is one of the best young chefs in the city) or Kaz Sushi Bistro if you want Japanese. However, as you are probably aware, DC is not a large city and easy to get around. If you are willing to go to the Penn Quarter or around Gallery Place, neither of which are that far from GWU you can go to Zyatinya for small plates, Rasika for Indian or you could try Taberna del Alabardero for great Spanish food.

    1. In the GWU area, Notti Bianchi is reasonably priced very good Italian [beter than Circle Bistro]. In the "fantastic" category are Citronelle, Restaurant Eve, Cityzen, Cafe Atlantico Minibar, Maestro. Great Vietnamese in Northern Virginia especially in Eden Center. Tapas is Jaleo but try Oyamel for Mexican small plates or Zaytinya for Eastern Miditerrrean small plates [all the same chef, Jose Andres]. Best seafood in town at Black Salt. For wonderful Japanese, other than just sushi, try Makoto.

      1. Citronelle (mushroom cigars, tuna napoleon, vegetable pearl pasta)is an excellent choice for your one spectacular meal. Hint: reservations not necessary in the lounge.

        For your relaxed meal, also in Georgetown is Amma's Vegeterian Kitchen for very tasty if unchallenging Indian food. Try the fried lentil cakes and the puri.

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          Be careful; I beleive that the lounge only serves a limited menu.