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Sep 29, 2006 03:01 AM


I am coming to chicago, and am wondering where the locals go for the thickest and best Chicago Pizza. I am trying to choose between Giordanos, Bacinos, Edwardos, Gino's (i think it is touristy though?)
Suggestions welcome and appreciated!
Will be in Chicago tomorrow Friday Sept 29th.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Lara from NYC

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  1. Lara,
    This same exact topic seems to relive itself here every week, so here are the results from last weeks poll, where I challenged my fellow chowhounds to pick their top 5 Chicago deep dish places:

    Unfortunately, some of the responders only seemed able to muster up one or two selections with which to compile their lists. Notably, RSMBob's Tribune list was especially interesting and unique, a genuine rarity in regards to this topic.

    As such, in regards to this topic I have reached the following conclusion:
    About 4 people (and usually the same four) will respond that Lou Malnati's is an experience that can transcend sex, drugs and rock & roll, and then will zealously proclaim that it is “generally accepted as the best” on this board. To which undoubtedly, a counter-response by 2 or 3 of us (with me usually being one) will respond that Lou's is simply "OK" but only if one is on taste altering drugs, never had sex and likes country music instead, and additionally Lou’s is not the purported slice of heaven that the other four claim it is. So instead I/we will recommend that either Gino's & Uno/Duo be visited; logic being that since they are originals that made the deep dish genre famous to begin with and that you should go there for the "real experience".

    I have yet to see very many other recommendations outside of these three, but there is the occasional mention of Edwardos’, Nancy's, Giordano's, Gulliver's and Bachino's by select others including myself.

    So there you have it, the typical Chowhound Chicago pizza thread... again.

    BTW: The four selections you made are all excellent choices, and I don't think you would go back home to NY disappointed, enjoy your stay.

    1. abf has it covered, but I'd note that yes, Gino's is touristy and insanely croweded. But so are ALL these places - Giordano's probably more so, Lou Malnatti's slightly less so (Uno's and Due's are quite busy as well). In short, expect a wait. Many hotel concierges have cards that allow you to "skip to the front" of the waiting list at Gino's and Giordano's.

      1. You know it's a lot easier recommending deep dish pizza places here in SoCal than in Chicago because our choice are so much more limited! FOrtunately, at least we do have SOME quality here, although it's not in every neighborhood like it is in the Chicago area.

        That being said, among the biggies (original Uno/Due, Giordano's, Gino's East, Bacino's, Giordano's, Nancy's, Edwardo's, Lou Malnatti's/Pizano's) you are likely to get a great pizza, one that is very different from most anything you'd get in New York. All those places are variations of the deep dish or stuffed crust variety and will provide a great meal and hopefully a nice dining experience.

        1. Let's face it Pizza is personal. Even people who love each other dearly don't necessarily love the same pizza joints. Disagreement is the nature of the beast... not to mention part of the whole Chicago dining experience ("if you can't lick 'em , join 'em...)

          I happen to nostagically vote for Dues - based mostly on so many good memories. When it comes to ingredients they have both the best and the know-how. Uno's? Same pizza but have never gotten over the 20+ year old incident when a homeless/vagrant/drunk type was peeing on the lampost and it splattered onto my face as we walked in - which of course had nothing to do with the actual restaurant...but certainly colored my experience.

          As for all of the rest of the duly noted - I've had great pizza experiences at all of them... but again pizza preferences are very personal - and the science is about as exact as one's "taste" in art - one just instinctively/intuitively knows what one likes and the rest of had better take heed...

          1. You can always try "Piece" or "The Art of Pizza". Great deep dish at both.

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              YES!! I second The Art of Pizza for deep dish. Probably the best deep dish pie in the City!