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Sep 29, 2006 02:53 AM

Moishe's or Gibby's

I have not been back to Montreal for about 3 years - I used to always go to either Moishe's for bad mannered service and smoking fits - just to eat their casino potatoes and steaks - then I tried Gibby's which seemed a little more expensive but a lot nicer all round - any preferences on the board - or are both places just past their best?

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  1. I have to confess that I haven't tried Moishe's, but I have been to Gibby's several times during the past year and it has never disappointed. I think it has actually improved over the last few years - - the quality of the beef, especially, seems more consistent than in the past. If you want a more peaceful setting, I recommend requesting a table downstairs, in Youville, which is smaller and far less noisy than the main floor.

    1. I would say if you are looking at the quality of steak and the total meal then there is no discussion its Moishe.

      In my opinon Gibbey's is more of a tourist joint that trades on its quaint decor and Old Montreal location.

      1. I have never been to Gibby's but have been to Moishe's on
        several occasions. I would rate Moishe's as one of the top steak houses anywhere. In fact if Moishe's and Brooklyn's Peter Luger were on the same block, I would have a tuff time choosing. It's that good in my opinion.

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          There is no comparison between Peter Luger's and Moishe's, IMHO. While Moishe's steak is good, it's not in the same league. And much as I'm not crazy about the quality at Gibby's (the steaks have been too uneven - sometimes good, sometimes not)the atmosphere is nicer. Moishe's is just too brightly lit, and it's not a place you really want to linger at - I guess that's the idea. I guess it depends what you're looking for.