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Best Sushi in Village?

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I'm new to the village, and wondering what the best sushi is, preferably not outrageously expensive. Thoughts?

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  1. Not the best but I live around the neighborhood and my weekday sushi spot is Sharaku on 9th street between 2nd but closer to 3rd ave. They have an early bird dinner special 5:30-7 and a late night 10-12. I admit its a hit or miss spot but its more often a hit. I always share the village jumbo sushi order with a friend. Try to request extra spicy mayo on the side, its this small dish of red sesame oil and roe - barely any mayo.

    1. if i'm just getting a few rolls, then i usually go to yoshi, esashi, ebisu, or takahachi. for sashimi, spend a bit more and go to konoyama. it's excellent, and decently priced for the quality.

      1. Ebisu, Ushi Wakamaru, Blue Ribbon, Kirara, Tomoe, Lure, Le Miu, Taka, Sachiko's, Jewel Bako, Bond Street, Honmura An, Sushi Samba, Hasaki-not in any particular order.

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          It grieves me to report that Sachiko's has changed over the last few months. I ate there last night; the place was nearly empty and all the fish at the sushi bar was wrapped in plastic. The chalkboard out front that used to say things like "fresh pink snapper from Japan" now advertises saketinis. A good portion of the old menu remains, but there was no evidence of the seasonal or special dishes that impressed me in the past. The food was not quite as good as I remembered -- I think. I may have just been so depressed by the half-hearted (and failing) attempt to turn the place into a lounge that my judgment was off.

        2. If you like traditional style sushi, try Taka.

          1. the fish at ginger on 1st ave is a whole level fresher than how much they charge for it.