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Sep 29, 2006 02:19 AM

24-hour breakfast/lunch place hits E. Port Chester/Byram!

Johnny Cakes! Ahh less than $5.00 for a salad with unlimited ingredients. $2.75 for homemade soups...I had the fennel pepper--so yummy--and all soups come w/ a fantastic side of their own bread. They have quite a few panini options that can be made into wraps. And for those not counting calories/carbs, they have their own doughnuts! This place is up there in quality and better prices than Panera. It's right across from the (overpriced) Black Bear. I can't believe it's 24 hours! I bet that doesn't last.

My only suggestion would be they add some lighter dressing options for the salads like raspberry or zinfandel vinaigrette. They do have a light Italian at least. And the service is FAST! 3 tables outside to boot for nice days like today was.

I'll be sure to grab a lunch there at least once a week, while I have a job in PC...

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  1. I was really excited about this place, but had some very mediocre food there. Granted, I only went once, and got something average. I'll definitely have to try it again. the soup sounds great.

    thanks for the heads up...

    1. Johnny Cakes is best known for their coffee and doughnuts, but their new salad bar is a great addition. They've been open for more than a year and have always served 24 hours a day - a great resource on this side of town. (FYI - they're owned by the Greek pizza place next door - Famous Souvlaki).
      As for the Black Bear, you get what you pay for: quality. BB is the best option in town for a private party as they have two private rooms and offer great menu options - with great service as well.

      1. The coffee here is out of sight -- real quality without latte-and-cuff prices.