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Sep 29, 2006 01:07 AM

Guyanese Style Chinese restaurants in the GTA?

Does anyone here have any good recommendations and their locations? People keep mentioning to me they are all in Scarborough, but I have no idea where?

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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  1. not even sure what guyanese-style chinese food is.

    but, they have (well, been 3 years since last visit) chinese food at Mr. Jerk. i wonder if that's guyanese-style chinese food?

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    1. re: LikeTheWolf

      It is Caribbean Chinese food from the country Guyana (formerly British Guiana in South America.

      Yes, Mr.Jerk has West Indian Chinese food, but the franchises that I've eaten were all Jamaican-Chinese.

      BTW, I am specifically looking for a Guyanese-Chinese restaurant because we are taking a friend out for her birthday. She's from Guyana and that is the cuisine we're interested in surprising her with. ;)

    2. Ah.. Here's a hidden Gem for you. Caribbean Palm. It's on Don Mills, south of Eglinton. In the plaza of Food Basic. (I believe that plaza is called Flemington Plaza) In fact I just had a boneless chicken roti. (Extra Spicy) there for dinner tonight. They have a amazing Lunch buffet deal. (7 bucks per person). The Jerk Chicken is SPICY, but the Chinese fried rice is done West Indian Style. Worth a trip.

      1. I think Roland's at McCowan & Eglinton. Haven't been there in a while but their shrimp fried rice was divine...

        LikeTheWolf - there is a very definite difference between Guyanese food & Jamaican food, and Mr. Jerk is most definitely Jamaican...

        1. I just looked up the exact address of this place called Roland's. Apparently, it's full name is 'Roland's Take-Out Restaurant'. I have a feeling this place is more a fast-food type of joint. Am I right? I wonder if it's suitable for birthdays like at regular family restaurants.

          Anyway, it's lunch time now and I'm seriously thinking of paying this place a little visit. ;)

          Fellow Chowhounders, any more suggestions would be very helpful. :)

          1. I haven't been there myself but I think Cane Grove is what you are looking for.

            Its at Finch & Weston, a little west on Finch.

            2356 Finch W North York, ON M9M2C7
            Phone: (416) 743-4776