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Guyanese Style Chinese restaurants in the GTA?

Does anyone here have any good recommendations and their locations? People keep mentioning to me they are all in Scarborough, but I have no idea where?

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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  1. not even sure what guyanese-style chinese food is.

    but, they have (well, been 3 years since last visit) chinese food at Mr. Jerk. i wonder if that's guyanese-style chinese food?

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      It is Caribbean Chinese food from the country Guyana (formerly British Guiana in South America.

      Yes, Mr.Jerk has West Indian Chinese food, but the franchises that I've eaten were all Jamaican-Chinese.

      BTW, I am specifically looking for a Guyanese-Chinese restaurant because we are taking a friend out for her birthday. She's from Guyana and that is the cuisine we're interested in surprising her with. ;)

    2. Ah.. Here's a hidden Gem for you. Caribbean Palm. It's on Don Mills, south of Eglinton. In the plaza of Food Basic. (I believe that plaza is called Flemington Plaza) In fact I just had a boneless chicken roti. (Extra Spicy) there for dinner tonight. They have a amazing Lunch buffet deal. (7 bucks per person). The Jerk Chicken is SPICY, but the Chinese fried rice is done West Indian Style. Worth a trip.

      1. I think Roland's at McCowan & Eglinton. Haven't been there in a while but their shrimp fried rice was divine...

        LikeTheWolf - there is a very definite difference between Guyanese food & Jamaican food, and Mr. Jerk is most definitely Jamaican...

        1. I just looked up the exact address of this place called Roland's. Apparently, it's full name is 'Roland's Take-Out Restaurant'. I have a feeling this place is more a fast-food type of joint. Am I right? I wonder if it's suitable for birthdays like at regular family restaurants.

          Anyway, it's lunch time now and I'm seriously thinking of paying this place a little visit. ;)

          Fellow Chowhounders, any more suggestions would be very helpful. :)

          1. I haven't been there myself but I think Cane Grove is what you are looking for.

            Its at Finch & Weston, a little west on Finch.

            2356 Finch W North York, ON M9M2C7
            Phone: (416) 743-4776

            1. Can you guys give some examples of Guyanese style Chinese food?

              I did a wikipedia search and found some examples of Caribbean Chinese food:

              Cha Chee Kai — Crispy Chicken with Skin in sauce.

              Chicken-in-the-Rough Fried Rice — Fried rice tossed with batter-fried chicken parts.

              Jerk Chow Mein — Jerk Pork or Chicken fried with mixed vegetables, soft egg noodles, and sauce.

              Curried Duck Roti — Potatoes and Duck in a curry sauce, rolled in a flakey flatbread.

              Bangamary Ding — Fried bangamary tossed with cashews and mixed vegetables.

              Char Siu Pork Dhalpouri — Chinese pork, peas, onions and geerah rolled in a Roti.

              The duck roti and chari sui pork dhalpouri sound amazing!

              1. @LikeTheWolf

                I'm no expert in this cuisine, but the biggest difference between say Jamaican-Chinese food is both Guyanese and Trinidadians lean more towards Indian spices in their Caribbean Chinese cooking. Since both Guyana and Trinidad have a lot more East Indians living there its spices take an origin coming from India. Although, Jamaica does have a tiny East Indian population living on their island it is definitely not as BIG as Guyana or Trinidad.

                In my search for an ideal restaurant to take our Guyanese-Chinese friend for her birthday I did find another restaurant on the web to investigate. Their site actually had the menu for its Guyanese-Chinese cuisine.

                I hope this will help.

                Oasis Restaurant & Lounge
                Address: 630 Peter Robertson Blvd., Unit 1A, Brampton, L6R 1T4
                Phone: (905) 789-1884
                Hours: Mon-Fri: 2pm To 2am, Sat & Sun: Noon To 2am
                Payment: Visa, Interac
                Parking: Free Parking

                Dine – In or Take – Out
                # Specializing in West Indian & Guyanese Style Chinese Food
                # We Cater To All Your Party Needs and Special Occasions
                # Licensed by the L.L.B.O.

                Menu link is here:

                BTW, I really hope to find the perfect restaurant for her birthday because I want her to taste home. LOL

                1. There is a Guyanese-Chinese place in a strip mall on the south side of Eglinton, a few blocks east of Dufferin. I haven't tried it, but I would be interested to hear if anyone has.

                  There is also a really good Vietnamese place just next door if you get cold feet at the last minute.

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                    Just a note to all: I drove past the other day, and it looks like this place (guyanese-canadian) has closed down.

                    1. re: neuf

                      I agree. I drive past every day and can't locate it. I have found some other interesting places, though. My favourite name is a vegetarian West Indian resto called Ital Rastarant. Cool name.

                  2. Quite frustrating this weekend because I ended up trying 2 different places that served good Guyanese-Chinese food. Both were not the right atmosphere for the birthday occasion I'm planning for our friend. First one was a dodgy bar and second was a fast-food/take-out restaurant. I went to Channaman's (Eglinton/Midland) and Roland's (Eglinton/McCowan)in search of the right place to take our friend.

                    Ideally, I'm looking for a nice family restaurant operated by Chinese people originating from Guyana and serving Guyanese-style Chinese food.

                    Sheesh, everyone I know keep telling me the good ones are in Scarborough, but nobody knows the name or info. Any further suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks! :)

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                      Why don't you make it a nice night in? Order lots of carry out from the places you tried and liked, then serve it on your best dishes at home. Linen table cloth, candles, a great wine in your best crystal...

                    2. Ate at Rowland's (note the correct spelling) on Eglinton, just east of McCowan) just yesterday. Excellent Roti! Huge portions and very, very fresh. Also a really good chicken and dumpling soup. Restaurant has been around since the mid-1970s and does lots of catering. Has been featured on City Line, apparently. Worth a visit.

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                      1. re: profchristine

                        I'm looking at take-out menu right now and it's spelled 'Roland's'. It's says on the menu serving the community since 1976.

                        2900 Eglinton Ave. East
                        Scarborough, ON
                        (416) 431-4242
                        (416) 431-4224

                      2. YummyYummy - Glad that you enjoyed Roland's. Sorry I can't come up with any sit down spots for you - I don't think there are any that do more than casual/take out dining. Might be the suggestion made earlier about take out at home is your best bet.

                        ps - your explanation of Guyanese food was pretty good. We also have African, Portuguese, AmerIndian influences in addition to the Indian & Chinese... And you're correct, there tends to be similarity w/ Trini food because the ethnic make-up of the two countries are similar.

                        1. Do a search for Eastern Twist on this board. A tiny little take out place (they have 2-3 small tables) that is more like indian/thai/guyanese.

                          1. We couldn't agree on the perfect Chinese Guyanese restaurant to take my friend for her birthday which is today. So the gang has just decided to take her to the Mandarin for dinner right now!

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                                That totally sucks! Should have taken her to Island Mix on Brock Rd. in Pickering!

                                1. re: renmiz

                                  Never mind. Should have taken her to my fiancée's niece's wedding reception this past weekend.

                                  Guyanese fried rice, chow mein, patties, rice and peas, pasta salad, bbq and jerk chicken, fried fish, palourie, pineapple turnovers, beef curry, dhal puri roti, bread pudding, black (rum) cake, cheese straws, etc.

                                  1. re: mrbozo

                                    where was your fiancee's nieces wedding at? i'm looking for a hall and caterer in the gta... i'm guyanese as well.

                                    1. re: renmiz

                                      She married a German national. The first wedding took place in Berlin in June, the second here in Toronto in August. The reception here was held at Hansa Haus in Mississauga. All the food for the reception was prepared by the women on the bride's side. (Of course then there was the backyard BBQ the day after the wedding ...)

                              2. Do not know the name, but a restaurant in the plaza on the North West corner of Sheppard and Keele serves a buffet that is Chines Guyanese, very Chinese, inexpensive, small place with limited items and very busy!!

                                1. bump

                                  OK, almost 2 years have passed since I created this thread. Are there any new suggestions or additions to Chinese Guyanese restaurants in the GTA not already mentioned here? Found a very appetizing menu online of a Chinese Guyanese restaurant in New York. It made me crave the food again and my search has once again started for this cuisine in Toronto. HELP!!! ;)


                                  1. My limited experience with Guyanese Style Chinese restaurants in the wilds of Scarborough is that they are not set up for family sit down dinning. The two that my mother-in-law likes serve mostly men in the dinning room who tend to spend most of their time drinking beer and some rum. My wife has called these places a rum-shack filled with waste-man! We always get take-out.

                                    Now the chicken fired rice from the ‘rum-shack’ on Markham Rd just north of Eglinton is not all that bad. I believe the Guyanese Style Chinese restaurant is in the plaza just north of Luella St. Imho the chicken is over done, but I believe that many Guyanese like chicken as my mother-in-law would say ‘properly done’, i.e. over done.

                                    The other place is on Eglinton near Midland, I can’t for the life of remember its name. If anyone is interested I can ask my mother-in-law for the names of these two places.

                                    If anyone does know of a Guyanese Style Chinese restaurant that is suitable for sit down family style dinning, I would also love to know.

                                    The above link for the Oasis Restaurant & Lounge is no longer working. I called the number and it appears they have changed the name. The fellow I spoke to said that they do serve Guyanese Chinese food.

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                                      Pastryrocks, it would be greatly appreciated if you could ask your mother-in-law for the names of the 2 places you mentioned above. Thanks! :)

                                      1. re: YummyYummy

                                        The place is called Lucky Lin's Restaurant, located at 226 Markham Road, Scarborough, M1J 3C2, 416-267-8691. I’ve only had Chicken Fired Rice from here, so unsure how anything else tastes like. Unsure if you can call it Guyanese or Guyanese style, but many Guyanese from the area order from here. I believe that the local Guyanese community is there main customer.

                                        My wife tells me that the other place on Eglinton is closed.

                                        1. re: Pastryrocks

                                          I'll just cut & paste what I recently just posted on my other thread:


                                          I first discovered this place from the outside 3 years ago named CHO'S WOK WEST INDIAN & CHINESE RESTAURANT in Scarborough's Midland and Eglinton. However, I never tried the food until yesterday. My God it was the best tasting Guyanese Chicken Chow Mein I ever had in the GTA from a restaurant here.

                                          It's so AMAZING and the owner and their family are all Chinese people from both Guyana and Trinidad that run the place. You'll see a big Guyanese flag right in the restaurant when you dine in there. Hahaha, the food so good I think I'm heading their right now again to try another one of their many dishes. Gonna get some take-out this time and bring it for lunch tomorrow. ;


                                          CHO'S WOK WEST INDIAN & CHINESE RESTAURANT
                                          2500 Eglinton Avenue East
                                          Scarborough, Ontario M1K 2R5
                                          (North east of Midland & Eglinton)
                                          (416) 265-3088

                                          1. re: YummyYummy

                                            This morning I just stumbled on to an online menu to my favorite West Indian/Chinese restaurant, so I've decided to bump my old thread and include the menu link to:

                                            CHO'S WOK WEST INDIAN & CHINESE RESTAURANT


                                            It's been months since I've had some amazing and delicious Caribbean-Chinese food and realized that my craving is really getting to me now. Hahaha, I think that I have to pay a visit some time today or my OCD will have the best of me if I don't. LOL

                                          2. re: Pastryrocks

                                            Pastryrocks, thank you for the Lucky Lin's recommendation and I can't believe it took me almost 2 years to try it out. My food was delicious and affordable. Yesterday, I totally had a craving for West Indian Chinese food, so I pulled up this thread again and saw this name and address that I haven't tried yet.

                                            I grabbed takeout for Chicken Chow Mein with the chicken on top and it cost $7.50 plus taxes. The portions were huge and I finished the actual meal in 3 sittings. LOL I'll definitely be returning to this place even though some may consider it a hole-in-the-wall.

                                            Yeah, we still have to find a good West Indian Chinese food restaurant that is operated by Chinese people and comfortable enough to actually dine in now. LOL

                                            Lucky Lin's Restaurant
                                            226 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1J3C2, CA

                                        2. re: Pastryrocks

                                          Last night I discovered another Chinese family owned restaurant that serves Guyanese Chinese food. It's called FRIENDSHIP RESTAURANT and is located at Sheppard Avenue East and Victoria Park area. It's dining section is a lot bigger than Lucky Lin's, but I only got take-out because the place was very rowdy Friday evening with people drinking alcohol and playing dominoes near the front of the restaurant.

                                          My chicken curry with rice dinner was very good and I'll definitely have to try other dishes when I come back.

                                          They have an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet from Monday to Friday. If I'm ever in the area again during those hours, I'll have to try it out. I'm hoping the place is not so crazy and loud during their lunch buffet. LOL

                                          Brought home a take-out menu, but here's a link with some of the food choices on the menu. However, it's an older link so the prices have gone up a little.


                                          Friendship Restaurant
                                          2912 Sheppard Ave. E.
                                          Scarborough, ON M1T3J4

                                          BTW, here is a bit of an update since I started this thread back in September 2006. Since my journey began searching for restaurants owned and operated by Chinese people from the Caribbean. I've only been fortunate enough to try four different places for food so far. Here's my short list and the food has actually been great at all of them. No joke!

                                          1. CHO'S WOK WEST INDIAN & CHINESE RESTAURANT (Midland/Eglinton area


                                          2. Carribean Heat Family Restaurant (Finch/Keele area)

                                          3. Lucky Lin's Restaurant (Markham/Eglinton area)

                                          4. Friendship Restaurant (Sheppard/Victoria Park area)

                                          Presently, my favorite restaurant out of the 4 is the first one on my list Cho's Wok. It was the first one I discovered and feel the most comfortable and safest in this clean fast-food restaurant environment. It's a bit nicer looking than Lucky Lin's which is more or less a hole-in-the-wall type of place. Both Caribbean Heat and Friendship Restaurant have nicer dining sections which are adequate for family style dining (Also both of these restaurants have a lunch buffet from Monday to Friday). From what I remember, Friendship Restaurant has the largest dining section out of the four places.

                                          I've eaten West Indian Chinese food at other places here in the GTA, but the restaurants were not owned or managed by Chinese people. A couple of places didn't even have Chinese chefs doing the cooking. How authentic is that? LOL

                                          I gladly still welcome new places to try West Indian Chinese food whether it is coming from Jamaica, Guyana or Trinidad as long as it is from the Caribbean. Bon appetite! ;)

                                          Lucky Lin's Restaurant
                                          226 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1J3C2, CA

                                        3. The place I used to go to was Scarlett Ibis in North York. The owners are Guyanese and have an extensive Chinese menu as well. The food is always pretty good and affordable. They also have a good sized dining area as well.

                                          1880 O'Connor Drive, west of Victoria Park and one block south of Eglinton in North York.

                                          1. Hi Guys,
                                            I know that this is a late reply, but here are some of my suggestions with ratings from 1 star to 3 stars (3 being the best) for Guyanese Chinese food in the GTA:

                                            ***Island Mix Restaurant & Lounge - 14-1050 Brock Road, Pickering, ON
                                            Type of Restaurant: Sit down and take out

                                            **Tropix Restaurant & Lounge - 1790 Liverpool Road, Pickering, ON
                                            Type of Restaurant: Sit down and take out

                                            **Timehri Int Restaurant - 3300 McNicoll Avenue , Scarborough , ON
                                            Type of Restaurant: Sit down and take out

                                            ***Tropical Nights - 1310 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, ON
                                            Type of Restaurant: Sit down and take out

                                            *Cane Grove Restaurant - 2356 Finch Avenue West, North York, ON
                                            Type of Restaurant: Sit down and take out

                                            **Metro Kennedy Garden Restaurant - 3616 Dufferin Street, North York, ON
                                            Type of Restaurant: Sit down and take out

                                            **Hut Like Pepper Family Restaurant - 18 E Strathearn av, Brampton, ON
                                            Type of Restaurant: Sit down and take out

                                            From East to West, I’ve tried all of the places above; my favourite is Island Mix. All of the places above can accommodate large numbers for birthday parties except for Metro Kennedy Gardens, it’s small.

                                            Happy Eating!

                                            1. My Guyanese friend always caters her parties with Caribbean Heat. They are located near Finch and Keele although I've never eaten in the restaurant (we always get take-out). Very tasty food.

                                              1. My fiancee's family is Guyanese and they take out from a few different places in Scarborough. I am not sure if it Guyanese-style food, but they seem to love it.

                                                1. Spicy Dragon (take-out and sit down):
                                                Kennedy, south of Lawrence

                                                2. Lucky's (take-out and sit down
                                                )Kennedy, north of Lawrence

                                                3. Kim Kim's (take-out and sit down): http://www.kimkim.ca/
                                                Kennedy, north of Lawrence


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                                                1. re: iwong

                                                  The OP requested Guyanese-style Chinese food. These are Hakka restaurants.

                                                2. Carribean Wave (Morningside/401)
                                                  Channaman (Midland/Eglinton)

                                                  It's called Hakka Chinese

                                                  1. I know this is really late but just came across this so thought I would add to it.

                                                    In Mississauga I know two good places :

                                                    Sijan Plaza

                                                    (905) 281-8499

                                                    25 John St

                                                    Mississauga, ONL5A

                                                    This is my fav Place and it is a sit down restaurant.

                                                    the second is Charlie's Caribbean Cuisine

                                                    3055 Hurontario Street

                                                    Mississauga, ON

                                                    (905) 949 - 0663

                                                    Its also a sit down restaurant.

                                                    In brampton:

                                                    Island Grove Roti & Bar

                                                    4525 Ebenezer Road, Brampton, ON L6P 2K8 (905) 913-1200

                                                    Sit down restaurant.

                                                    Hope this helps!!!

                                                    Caribben Heat is good as well but I tried from another location in Albion Mall .

                                                    Island Grove Roti & Bar
                                                    4525 Ebenezer, Brampton, ON L6P2K7, CA

                                                    Sijan Plaza Restaurant
                                                    25 John St, Mississauga, ON L5A1Y5, CA

                                                    1. This is a new Guyanese Style Restaurant located on the Danforth ( 2825 Danforth Ave ) just east of Dawes, the food is fantastic

                                                      1. So does any of these restaurants actually serve char siu roti?

                                                        1. Has anyone found any recent updates? I too am looking for authentic Guyanese Chinese in the GTA. I took at Trip to NY and found one (New Thriving @Liberty and 107th). Now I'm looking for an equivalent here.

                                                          I'll definitely try the suggestions from this Thread.

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                                                          1. re: vdewar

                                                            Depends on where you are- there are great places in all the suburbs- brampton, sauga, scarborough, etc...

                                                            Right now- my parents and sister reside in Brampton- and get food from GT Restaurant & Bar- the chef is GREAT...and the service good. but don't eat there! ...unless you want seedy-looking west indian men staring you down as you eat...order the food fresh- call before:

                                                            GT's- 2074 Steeles E, BRAMPTON, ON

                                                            When I lived in Sauga- we always went with Sijan Plaza, off hurontario

                                                            Sijan Plaza- 25 John St, Mississauga (still my favourite).

                                                            We'll occasionally head to Hut Like Pepper (yep- same family as the Calypso Hut fame...but these guys are way better).

                                                            Hut Like Pepper- 20 Strathern Drive, Brampton

                                                            I never venture out to scarborough- BUT, if anyone really wants a rec.- I can find out.

                                                            1. re: jinxie

                                                              I tried Cho's Wok over the weekend and it was pretty good. Tried the Chinese Fried Rice and it was a little better than Friendship's. I will try the Chinese Chowmein another time. These are my yard stick dishes for good Guyanese Chinese.

                                                          2. Where can I get Char Siu Dhalpouri?

                                                            1. Santa Roza, 1410 Victoria Park , upstair., south of Eglinton., on a north west corner
                                                              I stuck my nose in , attracted by the sign that said Buffet ($7.95?), Thursday and Friday lunch. The place seems to be set up as club or party venue. I thought that the place would be some kind of Latino, but it was Chinese Guyanese.
                                                              I didn't get around to returning to try the food. Someone please tell us.