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Sep 29, 2006 12:35 AM

Manhattan Crawl / Food Marathon

A friend and I are doing a 'food marathon'- hitting 4-5 places in Manhattan on a Friday in October (figure 10am-4pm). Don't worry, we're professionals and we've done this before in other cities.
We're thinking Grimaldi's for pizza (and I don't want to start a 'best pizza battle,' so don't waste your type). We'd like a solid Chinatown choice, a gourmet burger place, possibly Indian and perhaps something else (maybe deli, maybe a hot dog).
Keeping travel strategy in mind would be helpful as well, so it's a geographically logical expedition.
Many thanks.

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  1. Here's an easily walkable itinerary: you could go to NY Noodletown or Congee Village in Chinatown, then head to Angon on 6th Street for Indian, Crif Dogs a little further east and north for a hot dog and end at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.

    1. a variaton on that route: congee village, dash dogs (on rivington and norfolk), banjara (1st ave @ 6th st) or madras cafe (2nd ave & 4th st), molly's on 3rd ave & 22nd for excellent burgers. katz's (houston & ludlow) would be a great deli option and is also good for hot dogs.

      1. For Chinatown, just a stop for fried dumplings at Dumpling House and soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai.

        Skip the hot dog and head straight to Katz for pastrami.

        For the burger I would throw in a stop at Mo Pitkins for the Mo-burger: with a schmear of chicken liver, fried onions and a fried egg.

        Then up to 6th St and hit Angon for Indian. Then hang around the E.V. and hit the following for noshes:

        Minca: Shoyu ramen
        Caracas Arepa Bar: arepas, of course
        Momofuku or Ssam Bar: pork buns
        Teresas: pierogis
        Otafuku: squid balls
        Zaragoza Grocery: taco
        Gem Spa: egg cream
        Beard Papa: cream puff
        Tuck Shop: Australian meat pie
        And that's just to start...

        PS. Without getting into who has better pizza, geographically Lombardi's or Una Pizza Napoletana is a better choice for you than Grimaldi's, which is in Brooklyn. Your choice, of course.

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        1. re: dippedberry

          No, don't go to katz's or you will be way too full to eat more!! Save it for another meal!!

          1. re: prunefeet

            No, do it! Just split the sandwich :)

        2. Check out this article on cheap eats in New York Magazine. Momofuku is on there and just lovely...also agree about The Tuck Shop.

          1. I would go for the Bing lady at W. 3rd and 6th.

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            1. re: piccola

              The West Village would be a whole 'nother tour. It would include the Bing Lady, but also:
              -Cones for South American-style gelato
              -Patisserie Claude for croissants
              -Pio Maya for a really good taco, torta or tamale
              -Murray's for good artisanal cheese
              -Rocco for a good cannoli and Bruno for a fruit tart (or is it the other way around?)
              -John's for a whole pie, Joe's for a slice
              -Shopsin's for something interesting
              -Pearl or Mary's for a lobster roll (or some littlenecks)
              This could go on for a long time. The point being that West Village places deserve a whole day to itself.