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Sep 29, 2006 12:32 AM

Annapolis Boat Show staying in Bowie ,

Hi all- Philly hound needs recs for great food within a 30 mile radius of Bowie and Annapolis while attending the show. Ambiance not important.

Thanks in advance

Robin M.

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  1. Jerry's Seafood in Seabrook.

    Harris Crabhouse in Grasonville (avoid Cantler's, which is overrated).

    for Indian, a bit away from Bowie, but within your limit at Langley Park

    For a local chain option, there's a Duclaw's in Bowie Town Center which is a microwbrewery.

    FYI, I would scale down your radius to about 15 miles. 30 miles from Bowie takes you well into DC, and that's another world of possibilities.

    1. Christopher's in Crofton
      Tsunami in Annapolis - Asian Fusion
      Yin Yankee Cafe in Annapolis - Asian Fusion
      Joss in Annapolis - Good sushi
      Ram's Head in Annapolis or Crownsville - pub food - it's a local microbrewery.
      Sputnik Cafe in Crownsville - some sort of fusion food but heard it's very good.
      Adam's Ribs - multiple locations (Edgewater, Eastport, Severna Park and other locations) for awesome ribs and pork bbq sandwiches