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Taco Cart Party

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I have a party in West LA at the end of October for about 75 people and I would LOVE some recs for TACO CARTS or similar type of catering that you have had or know of!!!! Thanks so much!

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  1. For a more "taco truck" style I've been to parties catered by Taco llama (SFV) and they're great. They cook everything fresh while you're standing there - burritos, tacos, quesadillas, you name it. They also bring a small salsa bar with great salsas

    1. la estrella in pasadena, but only contact the one on altadena drive and foothill. the one's in highland park and the trucks are the same company, but not the one's on fair oaks and orange grove.

      mindblowing fish tacos.

      1. Folks, as much as we hate to remove good food suggestions, we advise against posting someone else's cell phone without their knowledge. A legitimate caterer's business phone number can be located via a search engine, and we suggest that option instead.

        You wouldn't want your cell phone posted on the internet, please respect those boundaries.

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          I found great taco caterers/ taco trucks/ taco carts and have listed their numbers.
          Check my new post:

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            #3 on your list is the best!! Especially their al pastor!! It gives Fernando's cell, which is on the business card, but another number is (909) 873-0703. They will bring the cart to you. The company name is Exquicitos Tacos. So delicious and the nicest people!!

        2. Takos Katrochos Y Pupusas - Sublime
          It's been awhile since my last taco truck post...still on the hunt, but have found little worthwhile until now. Takos Katrochos is a taco trailer that sets up on Slauson Ave just east of Vermont daily (I was told) from 10a-10p. If you want to be sure of the hours, call them at 323-356-8161. On to the chow:

          Since I arrived pre-lunch, I only ordered two tacos. The first was the asada. It appeared a bit dry, but the more I ate the better it got. The true beef flavors kept coming. The meat was not overly tender, yet easy to eat. This was a solid asada taco. Then I ventured to a pastor taco. By apprearance, I thought I really made a big mistake. Their pastor looked nothing like others I have eaten in the past (I have probably visited 50-60 trucks and always have pastor). It was darker in color, almost more beef-like in appearance. There was none of the standard rust color sauce cooked in.

          ONE BITE IS ALL IT TOOK! Holy Guacamole Batman. The intensity of the slow-cooked roast flavor was intoxicating. How could something so ordinary looking taste so exceptional. This was the king of all pastor. I talked to the owner, who must of wondered what got into this gringo with the silly grin on his face. I looked like I was four and just got my first bike. When queried, he said the secret to his pastor is that he removes all the grease from it. I simply bowed to him and vowed to return soon.

          All condiments are on a table for self-serve. I had the red sauce on both tacos and it was excellent. Also, the truck is available for hire (parties and the like).


          Since the post above, which I copied and pasted, I have seen this trailer in the Silver Lake area.

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          1. Signage on the highly regarded Taco Zone truck that sets up on Alvarado next to the Von's north of Sunset indicates that they'll come to your home.