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Sep 28, 2006 11:51 PM

Making mustard!

Does anyone make their own mustard? I love all kinds of mustard, and I keep staring at the different fancy mustards taking up space in my fridge and thinking, "I bet I could make that."

It's thoughts like that that let to me curing my own bacon. Now I need some mustard for it!

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  1. Here are some mustard threads, not all about making mustard though. I remember one or two from the summer and they are right at the top.

    1. I always make mustard when I make Swedish food... but I couldn't possibly give a recipe, it's a little this and a little that, and it changes subtly every time.

      1. You've gotta do it, but don't follow a recipe, just find some for reference. It's super cheap, so don't be afraid to make mistakes. The best part of making your own mustard is getting to choose the vinegar, and pairing that with your food. I'm also a fan of throwing in some nutmeg or clove. good luck!

        1. My cookbooks are still packed away due to our pending move or I could supply some exact recipes. However, I made mustards years ago for Christmas gifts, and as I recall the basic concept was to grind mustard seeds with vinegar and seasonings. Possibly you might need to pre-soak the mustard seeds in a little hot water.

          Sarah C

          1. I always wanted to try making the McDonald's hot mustard recipe. there are many copies of a basic recipe, but didn't seem right. this one seems like worth trying..