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Sep 28, 2006 11:33 PM

First Visit To Brooklyn Chinatown: Where to Go, etc?

Hi...i have never explored Brooklyn's Chinatown:

-- firstly, what subway stop?

-- what restaurants to hit?...(anything goes: dimsum, seafood, Fujianese, Hakka, Shanghainese -- whatever is good there)

-- any other tips on where to wander/explore, grocery stores worth going to, etc...

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  1. Take the N train to 8th Ave., which essentially lets you off at the southern end of Chinatown. Just walk north on 8th Ave., and stay on 8th Ave. Probably best off exploring on your own, though to get you started you might want to try Diamond On Eight Restaurant (6022 8th Ave.) and Ocean Palace (5423 8th Ave.) and Hong Kong Market (right across 8th Ave. from Diamond On Eight) for starters.

    1. You'll see a new Chase Bank branch where Ocean Palace used to be, unless they reopened in another spot.

      There's also PARK ASIA for dim sum around 67th Street across from the "dust bowl" field. You'll have to walk the other way after exiting the "N" station.

      There are also a couple of Vietnamese (NA TRANG and GIA LAM) and Malaysian places and a whole bunch of bakeries. Try 'em all and report back!

      1. the Hong Kong Market on 8th Ave at 61st, the one with the parking lot
        has great prepared foods in a cooler across from the butcher...
        REALLY good tofu skin.mock duck (might be called vegetarian chicken on the pkg)
        chile peanut snacks etc
        the frozen cha gio and assorted dumplings/dim sum items are good too
        and it's the only place I've seen bunch spinach this month....

        there's a couple good bahn mi places off of 8th Ave
        one in the 50s, another down at 42nd St

        Family Dumpling on a corner of 7th Ave and 50-something
        meat or seafood, eat there or get big bags frozen to go
        the vegetarian dumplings are NOT good there

        have fun! keep an eye out for some odd looking autumn festival vegetables that look like little round bats . . .

        1. Hong Kong Market is a great place to buy duck parts for home re-assembly.

          1. Sheng Xiang Seafood Restaurant 5318 8th Avenue near 53rd Street has a very interesting menu of Fujian food. We are far from experts, but really enjoyed our meal there in August. Staff was very friendly and we had no language problems ordering. Also I believe that there is not a separate Chinese only menu, so that all their offerings are available to non-Chinese speakers.