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Lunch near Loyola Marymount?

Going there for a seminar. Thanks.

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  1. If Thai sounds good, Ayara Thai is one of the best places near LMU, I think. It's down Manchester a ways, but not too far if you have 1.5 hrs. If less than that, it'll be tight. You'll need a car.

    A link with details:

    1. KC's Crepes. You might even be able to walk to it. It's on the east side of Lincoln, just about 1 block south of LMU. Tonz of choice, quick service, outdoor as well as indoor seating. Pizza style crepes are interesting. If you're not counting calories, go for a cream soda too!

      If not, Bristol Farms which is about 2 blocks South on Lincoln has a cafe. I haven't eaten there but have heard good things about it.

      If you do go on Manchester, there is a Panera Bread in a strip mall next to Trader Joes on Sepulveda. No entrance on Sepulveda though. I like their Chicken and wild rice soup, paninis and greek salad. Baked goodies, tea and coffee as well.

      1. Tower Pizza on Lincoln. The pizza is only OK but the burger is very good. You can get it with a hot link ala "The Shack." The fries are MUCH better.

        The steak sandwich is tasty. I get it with grilled onions and american cheese only. Add a little mustard, salt and peeper and yumm.

        I like their spaghetti. Although it is nothing special I find it quite tasty. I'm sure I'll hear about this one.

        You can substitute a small salad for the fries if you like.

        1. Define "near"? I have two words for you: Tito's Tacos.

          1. There's an Italian place on Lincoln the name of which escapes me but it has a good garlicky olive oil and good bread to get you going. I wish the name would come to me.

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              imho the raw chopped garlic in oil that overwhelms the ok bread is the best thing that they offer.
              after your tastebuds are wrecked by several cloves worth of chopped raw garlic, you don't care as much about the rest of the food because you can't really taste it.

            2. That would be Alejo's.

              Supposedly, there's a new design-y sandwich/salad shack on the Electronic Arts/Frank Gehry Assoc. campus at the corner of Jefferson and Lincoln across from Playa Vista that is not bad. Frank himself willed it into existence.

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                Thanks. FWIW, cops like to eat there.

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                  where exactly is this place?
                  i know it isn't directly on the corner of lincoln/jefferson.
                  must be north of jefferson and east of lincoln somewhere... . . .

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                    I think so. I believe it is inside the Electronic Arts/FOGA complex, like in their office courtyard or something. Not visible from the street.

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                      Whoops, sorry, Gehry's office is not at the corner of Lincoln & Jeff., but it is nearby, at 12541 Beatrice. The purported sandwich shack is next to his office.

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                        The sandwich shack next to Gehry's office is called 'delicious'. They serve a large affogato that is fairly ok. I wish it was half the size for half the price. Haven't had any sandwiches.

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                          thank you so much.
                          i'll be sure to get there within the week.

                    2. Not terribly far down Lincoln is Baby Blues... Love their pulled pork... YUM!!


                      1. Aunt Kizzys Back Porch (southern)
                        Uncle Darrow's (cajun)
                        Shershah (indian)

                        all in marina del rey on Lincoln

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                          here is the address for shershah's fine lunch buffet:
                          13444 Maxella Ave. Marina Del Rey, Ca 90292. 310-301-2477

                        2. don't forget 3 flames mongolian bbq on Manchester....or Bilial Indian Cuisine, also on Manchester!

                          1. Try Truxton's American Bistro. There phone number is 310-447-8789. They are located in Westchester not far from Lmu. The only place I can recomend for nice casual lunch.

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                              Have you tried the Truxton's place? I'm very curious. We used to live on Truxton about 2 blocks North of this place... I'm hoping that Westchester is becoming less of a culinary wasteland...
                              Please report on Truxton's!

                            2. Maybe Italy's Little Kitchen? Near the corner of Lincoln and Manchester next to the KFC?

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                              1. re: Cinnamon

                                have to say, that I detest Italy's Little Kitchen.
                                imho their red sauce is awful.

                                1. re: westsidegal

                                  Ditto !!! Also the only time we went the service was S-L-O-W !

                                  1. re: Wes

                                    Double ditto. Alejo's up the street has been going downhill, but I'd still rather go there any day of the week for Italian than overpriced Italy's. Save your money.