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Best Chain Tacos

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Today, on a silly whim, I tried the 2 for a buck tacos at Burger King and Jack in the Box, virtually back to back.

The Jack's tacos had a very crisp and flavorful shell, with a generous amount of crisp lettuce. The filling was not unpleasant but lacked any bite since there was no salsa.

The BK tacos had nicely crisp but less tasty shells. The filling was more substantial and had a nice spicey hit of salsa. There was not enough lettuce, however, and the cheese was in the form of a slice, rather than grated bits, which was not so appealing.

Obviously, this is pure junk food, but it was fun. I would also have to say that both were better than the last taco I had at Taco Bell, where, while the filling there was okay, the shell tasted stale.

Would enjoy hearing about other adventures in the world of fast food tacos.

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  1. hard shell tacos at Chiptole! Good stuff....with the barbacoa!

    1. Best hard shell tacos I've had were the ones served up in my grade school cafeteria (courtesy of the LA Unified School District).

      1. Bob,

        You can get "hot sauce" on the side for the tacos at Jack in the Box. I'm not sure that's a plus, unfortunaely. I've never tried BK tacos but I've always been a sucker for JitB's. The attaction to me is the diferent texture of the different parts of the "sandwich." Crisp as a Dorito on top, to soft and squishy on the bottom.

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          Those JITB tacos were the traditional late night fare after an evening spent drinking........

        2. If it's still around, Taco Par on Washington in Pasadena(not a chain, though)had great hardshell tacos.

          JITB tacos = inedible

          1. I don't know what's wrong with me but today I stopped at Carl's Jr./Green Burrito and had their two tacos for .99 (on special, I don't know what they regularly go for).

            This stuff was inedible. The shell was prefab and way too thin and flavorless. The filling, although generous with beef, really tasted vile. I think they were going for a cumin flavor but, it so didn't work.

            I don't know why I do this to myself when I live in an area blessed with so many great tacquerias. I guess I'm just a sucker for crispiness.

            1. Um, I like the Chicken Ranchero SOFT tacos at Toxic Hell, I mean Taco Bell.

              1. Hi Bob,

                I am from Mexico City, and also labeled a "Food Snob" by most of my friends...and while I am a strong critic of almost all Tex-Mex, Cal-Mex & Southwest cuisine, the use of fake cheddar cheese at "Mexican" establishments is nauseating & I find Taco Shells to be the revolting... but I have to confess that I indulge on Jack in The Box Tacos more a than a couple times a year... and I have been known to devour up to 10 of these greasy artery blockers in one sitting (at least back when I used to run 90 miles a week).

                What can I say, I think the blend of flavors is addicting.

                Other than "fake" tacos... I think the best chain tacos are the Fish Tacos at Rubio's Mexican Grill (unfortunately for you, Rubio's is confined to California).

                I also like the Barbacoa at Chipotle...but just get it in a bowl...because I can only ignore my Taco Shell revulsion at Jack in the Box.

                Actually now that I think about it...the reason I don't mind the Taco Shell at Jack in the Box is because it is deep fried and becomes a bit less dry with all the greasy "meat" sauce... the effect is a lot closer to the authentic practice in Mexico of deep frying some types of tacos...particularly vegetable tacos... like Garlicky Greens or Potato-Chorizo.