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Sep 28, 2006 11:10 PM

For you brewers out there...

For all you brewers out there, what are your favorite beers to brew? And why? I got asked this question a little while ago, and it made me wonder what other folks thought.

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  1. Belgian ales, saisons & bieres de garde - they are so expensive when store-bought, yet so perfect for home-brewing (warm fermentation temps!)


    1. I finally brewed a beer that I like, which is an IPA. I need more practice!

      1. I brew about 50% IPA's. I can (over) hop them the way I like, and they are guaranteed to be fresh. Plus most commercial IPA's available to me are either way too "balanced" (too sweet and malty) or just not fresh.

        Second in the running are hefeweizens. Unbelievable how much tastier a fresh unpasteurized hefe is to the german bottled hefe's.

        1. IPA's. If I had to pick one recipe, (I'm not sure exactly of spelling and which of Papazian's books) I would pick Palalia IPA, with one change: add some chocolate malt to the wort.

          1. Any ale. Mainly a basic bitter, also a nut brown. made a Guinness stout clone once which was very good.